Security Expert New Chairman Of The Board For Acronis
Mar 16, 2020

Singapore’s cybersecurity giant Acronis has just announced the appointment of Ren Bonvanie as their new chairman of the board. Acronis has grown into a global technology company that develops cloud and on-premise software for backup, secure file sync, disaster recovery, and share and data access. They were founded in Singapore in 2003 and play a key role in helping businesses across Asia (as well as many other parts of the world) keep their digital information secure. With Bonvanie as their new chairman, they are expected to further develop scaling their services to meet the needs of any size business.

Who is Ren Bonvanie?

Bonvanie has been a member of the Board of Directors at Acronis since 2014, so he’s not new to the company, and he is also vice president of strategic accounts at Palo Alto Networks, an American cybersecurity company. Bonvanie has over 35 years of experience when it comes to marketing and executive management and is also a member of the boards of Guardsquare, Collibra and Nexthink, resulting in many considering him a security veteran. Due to his experience, it’s expected that he’ll work on Acronis’ enterprise strategy and execution alongside the chief executive officer and management team. Ultimately, this means more businesses should be able to benefit from Acronis’ services, helping to keep information safe and secure.

Asia’s businesses that can benefit from Acronis

Acronis specializes in cyber protection in all areas and uses blockchain-based data authentification and AI technologies to enhance what they do. They protect all data, systems and applications in every type of business, giving their users full control. This essentially means that almost every business across Asia that uses any form of digital data can benefit from their services, helping to protect their own business, as well as their customer’s sensitive information. Bonvanie backs this by stating that Acronis provides “fully scalable, easy, efficient, and secure cyber protection to meet… needs.”

Other steps businesses should take

While digital security is an evergrowing priority, it’s important that businesses throughout Asia also concentrate on security in other places within their business. One obvious area is ensuring that premises are secure, such as by installing CCTV, alarms and access control in offices, warehouses, stores and other places of business. Industry experts DSC also note the value in incorporating the use of the cloud, such as with video surveillance, making it easy to mix security with the services on offer from the likes of Acronis. Additionally, businesses of any size should make sure that all of their staff are well trained in security, as having the software and equipment is one thing, but employees need to understand how to use it and why it’s important to get the most from it.

Security for businesses is essential in all forms, but digital security can get left behind as it’s growing so fast. All businesses in Asia using any form of digital data need to have cybersecurity measures in place to protect themselves and their customers.