The Best Countries For the Online Gambling Industry
Jan 23, 2021

The online gaming industry predicts peak growth by 2026. According to preliminary estimates, the global volume of the sector will be $160 billion by that period. Authorities in many countries have begun to capitalize on the growing trend during the pandemic. So, rules are getting stricter, and users should pay attention to find the right casino. One of the main things you should look at when you view Playamo casino or other gambling platforms are jurisdictions. Moreover, your gambling experience depends on the country you play. These countries have the strictest rules for the online gambling industry.


It's the country with the largest and most experienced online casino and sports betting operators. The United Kingdom attracts foreign players with its lack of tax on winnings. So, it's possible to make more money. For the same reason, here is the constant growth of the online gambling industry.

All this is happening against the backdrop of the country's well-known strict regulations on online gambling and the legal restrictions. In most cases, they include large fines for operators who violate the principles of fair gambling. At the moment, the authorities have begun a fundamental reform of the legal framework that has regulated the industry since 2005. Amendments will affect the order of advertising, support of sports by legal providers and stricter compliance with age limits and principles of fair play. Procedures of licensing and rates are not planned to be changed.


The country has relatively lenient gambling laws for online gaming providers. The regulator does not issue online gambling licenses, but Canadian users legally use the services of online casinos licensed abroad.

This means that the operator can legally operate an online casino in Canada, be located anywhere in the world and make full use of the functioning product without violating Canadian law.

The online gaming sector in Canada averages $17.1 billion annually, including revenue from popular online casinos. Blackjack, poker, roulette, slot machines and baccarat hold steady in the user top. There is also good news for betting product providers. Parliament is now considering amendments to legislation that would decriminalize betting on single sports. Previously, such services were banned. If the amendments are passed, operators will be able to include express betting through the lottery scheme in the pool of services for Canadian users. The amendments are awaiting a second reading vote and must also be approved by provincial authorities.


Malta has remained an excellent choice for many online gaming companies over the past few years for a number of reasons. The robust regulatory system provides both control and a comfortable environment for providers. Legislators have regulated land-based and online casinos, bookmaking, virtual sports, lotteries, and social gaming. The Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) is also undertaking initiatives to ensure that the country remains a competitive hub for online gaming and builds a reputation as a professional and respected jurisdiction.

It is worth considering that it is one of the first countries in the EU to take a thorough approach to regulation. The industry now generates a significant profit for the island's coffers. So, the authorities are systematically improving the conditions for licensees. Online casinos with Maltese licenses can operate in the markets of Canada, Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Japan. An important advantage is also a low tax rate. It is 5% of income.


The local industry is saturated with gambling providers who are the first to integrate the latest casino software to improve the user experience.

It is also home to one of the most sophisticated responsible gaming practices in the global industry. The Swedish government has created an online self-exclusion registry called Players can close access to all gambling platforms on their own initiative. As in the UK, there is no concept of tax on winnings here. Its share is already included in the tax deducted by the casinos.


Germany has become an emerging market for online gaming in the past few years, mostly because of changes in the country combined with current trends in gambling. In October 2020, the country passed new gambling legislation that legalized online gambling at the state level. The new structure is expected to lead to rapid market expansion.

The new Interstate Compact, which will regulate key types of online gambling, will take effect July 1, 2021. They will be licensed by a separate Central Supervisory Authority. At the moment, the Circular Resolution is in force, which regulates a graceful transition period for online casino and sports betting providers from October 15 until the new legislation comes into force.

After all, these countries have the strictest rules for casinos and online betting platforms. Yet, they also provide the best conditions for gamblers. So, it is much better to play slots there to feel completely safe and make money online.