List Of The Best Bars In Singapore
Aug 17, 2020


Hanging around at a bar with friends while having drinks is definitely one of the best ways to destress after work. But most importantly, the bar itself matters.

If bar hopping is one of your favorite things to do, then look no further! The following features a list of the very top bars in Singapore for you to check them out.

1. Idlewild

Considered one of the most demanded bars in Singapore and visited often by the younger generation, this is one of the bars on the island that serves premium drinks. One of its alluring features is the quiet and welcoming atmosphere, the modern interiors as well as a live band. This bar does not do loud crowds, so its intimate ambiance is ideal for those seeking a quiet place to drink. They also have professional staff and most have deemed this place as the best of both worlds - good drinks, and good music. And for those who prefer unwinding at home, an online liquor store might be the best option for you!

2. Manhattan Bar

If you are the kind of customer who has high standards for their drinks, look no further as Manhattan Bar is known for its top-notch drinks. Although it may be pricey for some, this bar literally offers everything at high quality. From the food to their cocktails, right down to the ambiance provided. It is unsurprising why everyone falls in love with this bar once they have visited. A quirk of this bar is that they serve different foods and drinks every hour, which definitely makes their menu rich in both flavor and style.

3. Smoke & Mirrors

Giving you an overlook of Singapore’s skyline while you sip on your brand of poison while chatting with your friends, Smoke & Mirrors boasts an interesting yet contemporary menu of bites and drinks that will suit every customer’s taste. All drinks in this place are mixed by one of the most well known Spanish bartenders residing in Singapore, Jorge Conda. He comes up with the most intriguing and adventurous drinks you can only experience in this bar, which makes it worth the trip down!

4. The Horse’s Mouth

The Horse’s Mouth does Japanese food so well that it has to be on this list. Although this bar’s capacity is pretty large, it does not feel overwhelming or too squeezy even at the end of the week. It features a calm and quiet crowd that allows you to destress properly after a hard day at work. Being lauded by many customers who found this bar by accident, this bar can be said to be a hidden gem as it is not easy to find at all.

5. Kabuke

Being one of the bars known for both food and cocktails equally, Kabuke is a place where you can go if you have your priorities in order as they close at exactly 12 midnight. This gives you ample time to sleep and prepare for the next day’s work even after drinking. This bar is highly recommended for customers craving for premium Japanese food coupled with a cozy setting.

6. Tipple and Dram

What is different about Tipple and Dram is their wide variety of single malt whiskeys that are not available outside the bar itself, as well as the exclusively curated series of wines by the owner himself. This is a place that every connoisseur and those who are just starting out, should visit. Your experience will be rewarded by the knowledgeable staff and the overall relaxing vibe and atmosphere makes this an ideal place to end your workweek.

7. 1927 Rooftop Bar

Perfect for rooftop parties, the 1927 Rooftop Bar gives you the chance to experience a pool party on one of the most famed hotels in Singapore. The drinks are pricier here due to the downtown view and they especially specialize in rum and Caribbean drinks. The infinity-edged rooftop pool is definitely ideal for Singapore’s all-year-round summer weather, thus making it one of the must-visit bars on this list.

8. IB HQ

One of the most popular bars especially at night, most workers are known to spend their time there after work and this particular place has been featured often in review articles and websites globally. IB HQ also has professional bartenders who definitely know their stuff; offering a whole range of cocktails and sumptuous food to select from. They are also constantly upgrading their menu with new drinks, thus making it a place to visit more than once.

9. Blu Jaz

If your idea of unwinding is partaking in a jamming session with a cocktail in hand, this is the place for you! Featuring multi-levels, they take absolute pride in their range of food and beverages that complement the ambiance entirely.

10. La Maison Du Whisky

The name itself suggests that this is a cavern filled with an extensive deluxe collection of spirits from all over the world. They also boast a fine shelf of other alcoholic drinks such as rum, whiskey, gin, and vodka. If you are looking for a quiet and private time just enjoying your drink alone or with company, this is the place for you.

11. La Terre

Speaking of having an intimate experience with your wine and whiskey, La Terre will bring you that and more. Featuring a seemingly never-ending list of top-grade wine and whiskey among other drinks, this is the model place for you to end the night with drinks. Similar to the La Maison Du Whisky, this particular bar will leave you satisfied with its intimate setting.

12. ZIGGY’S Karaoke & Cocktail Bar

This is for those who enjoy music but wish to listen or even belt out music they especially want to listen to. Being flaunted as one of the best karaoke experiences one can get in Singapore, the karaoke rooms are lavishly decorated yet hidden away from the common eye. ZIGGY’s tips the scale by providing costumes and fancy props to allow their guests to really have an amazing night. This is also the ultimate venue to celebrate a special someone’s birthday, or to hold corporate events

13. The Exciseman Whisky Bar

A bar that was specially opened for the adventurous whiskey-lovers who are always up for a challenge. This bar definitely prides itself on having an extensive selection of not just Whisky, but also literally every other alcoholic beverage. You name it, they have it.

14. Alley Bar

Lastly, the Alley Bar is known for its live band and signature cocktails, as well as mocktails. If you wish to indulge in a fresh shot of martini, this is the place for you! Besides their menu, this bar does their architecture intricately, with an airy ceiling furnished with hanging lamps that will make customers think of vintage houses. This place is both elegant and classy in their drinks AND decor that promises you a wonderful evening ahead.


As seen from the list aforementioned, Singapore has no lack of interesting bars serving quality drinks at more often than not, affordable prices. So be sure to check some out after work today!