More School Counselors Are Needed
Jan 17, 2017

As the global economy gains traction and the market grows faster than ever, the need for professionals to fill key positions rises. Schools and universities are now making their programs more flexible than ever, allowing students to pick up the skills they need to succeed in a relatively short amount of time. It doesn’t stop there either. Schools are taking active steps towards providing students with the support they need. Aside from participating as a community leader, you also have the option to be a counselor at school.

There are several top counseling courses available online from the best universities such as Wake Forest University. More importantly, these courses are designed to help future counselors and community leaders learn the necessary skills to be effective. Aside from empathy and the ability to learn and adapt, there are 8 other skills a good community leader must master.

The 10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders infographic was designed by Wake Forest University.

Wake Forest Online Counseling Program