Have You Been to Santorini?
Jun 07, 2017

A 4,000-year-old history, an eternal rock that continues to stand, an island whose praises have been sung by fabulous poets – Santorini is all that and more. Robust and majestic in its beauty it rises well above the ground and guards the secret treasures of Atlantis. It is a famous island in not only Greece but the entire world. There are only a few destinations around the world that combine breathtaking scenery, stunning beaches, antediluvian cities, delectable cuisine all in one and Santorini is one of them.

It is an ideal destination that fulfills a range of traveling purposes. Be it a solo expedition, or a romantic getaway or an all-girl gang trip; one can experience a host of emotions when in Santorini. If you need a destination which is an assortment of the old and new, then Santorini is the way to go.

Since it will be your first time in Santorini, here are things you must know before heading out

Flights and Hotels

Santorini is a global tourist destination and sees a massive influx of people every year which amounts close to 1.5 million. If you are looking to travel and save money, make sure you book your flights and hotel in advance to avoid any last-minute hiccups. Visit an online travel portal like Yatra to book hotels and flights. You can even check flight status online on Yatra which can help you zero down on the cheapest flights.

The Magnificent Santorini Beaches

Santorini is famous for its beaches that are spread out on the southern and eastern side of the island. Every beach has a unique character to it which makes traveling to Santorini more enjoyable. The black pebbles toppled with unique land formations in the red, black and white sand makes up for a very different yet appealing view. The beaches are clean and organized with a choice of lounge chairs, water sports and are set up to chill. Beaches on the coastline of Oia will leave you enchanted. On the southern coast, the beaches of Monoliths, Kamari and Avis are frequented by families and is especially liked by children. There are several options for watersports on the Avis beach and is frequented by young’uns.

Perissa and Perivolos are two most famous beaches in Santorini. The two beaches together form the longest black-sanded beach on the island. On the southern side, there’s Vlychada with its beautiful moon shaped carved landscape, which was sculptured by the wind throughout the years.

Walk the Caldera Path – Explore

Walk over the Caldera over to Fira and enjoy the mesmerizing views you discover on your way. Make sure you have a camera by your side because you do not want to miss those picturesque moments. Santorini has a host of places that you can explore, from a sailing trip to sunset cruises, everything can be done with a little research.

A Historical Tale

Santorini has a plethora of archeological sites and is frequented by historians for its significance. From churches to prehistoric sites, one can engulf themselves in the chapter's history. Panagia Episkopi exists since the time of Byzantine Empire. It is carved in marble and combined with wax decoration.

The ancient city at Akrotiri exists since the prehistoric times, and it is often characterized as the ancient Pompeii of the Aegean.

Check out Wineries – Greek it Up!

Agriculture is the second source of income in Santorini, and their wineries are exceptionally famous and delightful. You should visit the Boutari Winery if you are looking to get educated on wines along with the taste sessions. The Santorini Brewing Company is a must-visit place too!

What to Eat – Feast

Santorini has extravagant options for foodies! You can have an entirely different meal every hour of the day, and it will not get boring. Chocolate croissants, Fava me Koukia, Tomato Keftedes, Saganaki, Greek Salad, Roasted Greek Lamb, Moussaka are some of the famous Greek dishes you cannot skip when in Santorini.

Santorini makes up for a perfect destination to unwind and enjoy nature in its magnificence. With so many things to do and places to see, Santorini is highly valuable for its tourism. An odd yet enchanting place, Santorini will leave you mesmerized with its beauty. Make sure you travel to this pristine location at least once, in your lifetime, we are confident you will be coming back.