BEX and MCE Asia 2018 accelerate action towards common goal of combating climate action and more sustainable living across Asia
Sep 05, 2018

SINGAPORE – SEPTEMBER 05, 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Singapore Green Building Week opens its doors today, with its two flagship trade platforms off to a great start. Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia, Southeast Asia’s leading trade exhibition for the region’s green building market, and Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) Asia, a regional HVAC-R, water and energy exhibition, kick off today, offering visitors a glimpse into the array of innovations that will soon become the norm in buildings and spaces of the future.

Taking place from 5 to 7 September, BEX and MCE Asia, along with the annual International Green Building Conference (IGBC), offer a strategic platform for key stakeholders to deliberate on the future of green buildings and sustainable development in the region and globally. Over 12,000 international visitors, including green building industry professionals, thought leaders, policy makers and end-users are expected to congregate at the events to discuss and exchange ideas on the latest innovations that will shape the future of sustainable cities.

Diverse solutions to cater to Asia’s diverse needs

Capturing attention on the show floor this year is Surbana Jurong’s curated showcase, “City of ____”. Depicting the possibilities that technology can bring to future cities, the setup brings to life an environment that integrates sustainable, smart and productive technologies to transform how humans interact with their surroundings. The life-sized urban mock-up will allow visitors to visualise how spaces associated with living, work and play can be reimagined to bring about an improvement in quality of life.

Walking through the simulated city grid, visitors will witness first-hand the benefits offered by DVUCA’s city management system, which enables better traffic monitoring and optimised energy usage. This curated exhibit also showcases how innovative technologies such as (these)abilities’s keyguard will level the playing field at the workplace between the able-bodied and people with disabilities. Aesthetics and functionality are seamlessly weaved into sustainable building practices as showcased by Thinkphi’s solar panel-equipped outdoor umbrellas.

Making innovation in green buildings and energy efficiency the gold standard

Visitors at BEX and MCE Asia 2018 are getting a first look at several innovations to be launched at the events. From industrial applications to commercial buildings and even homes, over 400 exhibitors from 31 countries will provide a comprehensive look into innovations that are continuously advancing the building sector.

Delta Technology is introducing the Insulated Fire Rated Curtain (IFRC), a failsafe double layer curtain that can seal off even the toughest fire outbreaks. Providing up to four hours of fire integrity and insulation, the curtain could potentially save lives in industrial emergencies.

Advancing its ‘Quality Air for Life’ message, Panasonic is showcasing the latest integrated air solutions, which combines air-conditioning and ventilation to improve overall indoor air quality, an important but often overlooked aspect of sustainable living.

To improve hygiene and enhance convenience for users, Dyson’s Airblade Wash+Dry combines a tap and hand dryer. The smart innovation saves space in the washroom while reducing the problem of water dripping on the floor as users move from a handwashing area to a separate hand drying station.

In the home setting, Kruger’s Secomat dehumidifiers help enhance indoor air quality in living spaces by maintaining a constant 40 to 60 per cent relative humidity. In spaces with limited air circulation such as basements and storage rooms, dehumidifiers help to inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria, brought about by the region’s humid and tropical climate.

David Yim, Marketing Manager, AGC Asia Pacific, one of the key exhibitors at BEX 2018, said, “BEX Asia is the ideal platform to nurture interest in green building innovations and an opportunity for us to raise awareness among visitors on technologies that are transforming the built sector. For example, AGC is excited to demonstrate how next-generation electrochromic technology combats glare and solar heat in commercial and residential buildings.”

Aside from the latest in glass products for buildings, AGC will continue to showcase its popular Halio smart-tinting technology that can tint uniformly in less than three minutes when exposed to light. Unlike other smart glass products, Halio looks like conventional glass, but begins tinting within 20 seconds to provide glare protection and block unwanted heat.

Other well-known names in the built environment sector present on the trade floor include Big Ass Fans, Daikin and ebm-papst. In all, BEX and MCE Asia feature pavilions from China, Germany, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan, and is expected to draw over 12,000 visitors this year over its three-day event.

Seeding future conversations

BEX and MCE Asia feature complimentary seminars, Green View and Mostra Xchange, featuring an exciting line-up of close to 40 industry experts who will lead conversations on various topics that will impact the future direction of the built environment sector. In partnership with supporting industry organisations such as Institute Engineers of Singapore, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, and the Indoor Air Quality Association, the seminars showcase a selection of highly curated and qualified sessions on sustainable building solutions, and energy efficiency.

Key sessions and speakers include:

• Lionel Steinitz, CEO, LYS Energy, who will present research on catalysts of green initiatives and the movement toward a low-carbon economy in Southeast Asia

• Anna Kerr, Director at White Arkitekter, the largest architectural firm in Scandinavia, who will discuss diversity and gender equality in urban planning

• Michael Chin, Principal and the Façade and Sustainability Leader from Arup Singapore , who will share successful case studies of green building envelopes and sustainable façade design in tropical regions around the world

• Keith Brewis, Managing Partner, International Operations at Grimshaw, who will share on the emerging use of data in architecture and how it can be creatively used to build iconic structures

BEX Asia and MCE Asia take place at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, and are also co-located with the annual International Green Building Conference (IGBC). With the theme, "Build Green: Build Smart. Build Communities", IGBC 2018 attracts participants from across the entire building and construction value-chain, committed to understanding and putting into action real-world, tangible and leading green building solutions.

In its next edition, BEX and MCE Asia will be complemented by two new flagship events - Innobuild (IB) Asia and Smart Cities & Buildings (SCB) Asia. Following the successful run of BEX Asia for over a decade and MCE Asia since the last four years, the two events will provide attendees with a richer, more well-rounded experience and further catalyse the innovation and adoption of technology currently available to drive productivity and efficiencies at every stage of the construction cycle.

SCB Asia, which will focus on digital convergence of solutions and technology into the built environment, is a timely addition as nations across the region intensify their efforts on building technologically advanced liveable cities of tomorrow. The role of technology in transforming the building and construction industry will be further underlined with IB Asia, which will look at how companies can tap on productive technologies, equipment and systems to build more efficiently.

“Clearly, as technology advancements disrupt industries across the world, the built environment sector in Asia will not be spared. Nations are also accelerating their journeys to become smart cities, proving that technology is already playing a crucial role in helping to solve today’s urban challenges and securing a sustainable future for generations to come,” commented Michelle Lim, Managing Director, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, Reed Exhibitions. Lim adds, “These events will be an important accelerator of the industry’s transformation, helping stakeholders keep abreast of change and facilitating their evolution as the industry shifts towards smarter and more sustainable living spaces of tomorrow.”


About Build Eco Xpo
Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia is Southeast Asia’s leading trade exhibition for the green building and construction industry. It is a one-stop destination to source from international suppliers, with regional buyers and specifiers, and learn new knowledge at curated seminars. It’s where inspiration and transformation takes place.

About Mostra Convegno Expocomfort
Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) Asia is Southeast Asia’s only 3-in-1 trade exhibition for energy efficiency in HVAC-R, plumbing, sanitary accessories, and solar energy. Its where international manufacturers, innovative start-ups and Southeast Asian buyers and influencers converge to source, network, learn and transform their business.

About IGBC 2018
Organised by The Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) in collaboration with strategic partners - the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and Reed Exhibitions, the International Green Building Conference (IGBC) is a premier green building conference where thought leaders, policymakers, and practitioners in the built environment sector converge for learning, networking and collaborations.

About Reed Exhibitions
Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organiser, with over 500 events in over 30 countries. In 2017 Reed brought together over seven million event participants from around the world generating billions of dollars in business. Today Reed events are held throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa and organised by 38 fully staffed offices. Reed Exhibitions serves 43 industry sectors with trade and consumer events. It is part of RELX Group, a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries.

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Renewable energy summer school: a fruitful trip
Aug 03, 2018

Conor, one of the nine international students who were admitted into the first ever Renewable Energy Summer School, has enjoyed his time at ZJU working with the researchers here.

"I came to this program to do research but also to learn a little bit about China. I've really enjoyed that. Different people in my lab are incredibly inclusive and we've done a lot of good research together, which is important to me," said Connor from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Organized by ZJU’s College of Electrical Engineering, the summer school lasts from July 1 to July 21 this year. Nine students from five countries enjoyed the 20-day journey of renewable energy research and traditional Chinese culture experience on and outside campus.

"This is the first time that the College has held summer school program. We hope to establish a sustainable research platform and expand research cooperation with top universities through the program," said XU Wenyuan, the program leader.

Students were divided into several research groups based on their research interests. Topics they have been working on include "Intelligent System Security Research", "Fundamental Study on Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles", "Friendly Interactive Systems between Power Grids and Urban Electricity Consumers", etc.

Six professors, SHEN Jianxin, XU Wenyuan, DING Yi, LI Wuhua, MENG Jun and WU Lijian from College of Electrical Engineering serve as their instructors. Local graduate students from the labs of these instructors also joined the groups to work together with the international students.

"I got a lot of creative ideas from my instructor and I also learnt about interdisciplinary research from the lecture 'Hardware based Lightweight Authentication for IoT Applications in the Smart World' delivered by Prof. QU Gang." said Sharaf, a student from University of South Carolina.

Upon their arrival, the students were attracted by the beautiful scenery on Yuquan Campus, which is just located in the West Lake Scenic Area. Do Tuan, a student of Sorbonne University Association of France, went climbing Laohe Mountain near the campus on the first day.

I really enjoy the scenery while standing on top of the mountain and I like the traditional Chinese buildings, said Do Tuan. Last year I attended a summer school in France, but this year's summer school in China is very different. I not only had some scientific research, but also attended many cultural activities. And I was surprised at Chinese tea culture. It was interesting to learn how to make tea.

Byung Hoon, a student from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, has once lived in China for a few years. However, the cultural expedition is still quite informative for him. "We went to silk museum, sword museum, food museum in Hangzhou, and also went to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Although I have lived in China for several years, I didn't know much about Chinese culture and history. This time I really learnt a lot."

The program also includes visits to Hikvision and Alibaba, two leading Chinese companies based in Hangzhou. In Alibaba, students experienced face recognition, 3D shopping, and cash-free shopping technology. One of the students, Batuhan Hangün, even experienced cooking dishes. There are so many good things in China that I didn’t expect to see. The company is developing fast and I am interested in future cooperation with Chinese companies, said Batuhan.

“We hope the program will help the students to learn about Chinese culture, understand Chinese value and promote cultural exchange among different backgrounds,” said SHEN Jianxin, associate dean of the College. “It also aims to develop their research skills and make connections with potential academic partners from their universities and countries, and even more, to attract more international students to join our campus for further studies.”

SOURCE / Zhejiang University, China

JA Solar Named "Top Performer" by DNV GL for the Third Time
Jun 15, 2018

BEIJING, June 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: JASO), a world leading manufacturer of high-performance solar power products, today announced that it was awarded the "2018 Top Performer" by DNV GL, a world renowned independent energy experts and certification institute. This is the third time that JA Solar received the award. In both 2014 and 2016, JA Solar passed the product tests and received the product certification from PVEL (a wholly-owned subsidiary of DNV GL) and won the "Top Performer".

DNV GL enjoys strong reputation in the photovoltaic industry. Its annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report covers the testing and analysis of module products from various manufacturers, and is considered the most comprehensive assessment of PV module reliability. The honor of "Top Performer" is based on DNV GL's PV Module Reliability Scorecard. The reliability test covers the complete life cycle of products, which encompasses IEC thermal cycling, damp heat, ultraviolet radiation, dynamic mechanical load, PID attenuation and hot spot testing. The test results provide potential PV equipment buyers and power plant investors with authoritative references.

JA Solar is committed to the research and development of mass-produced, high-efficiency solar modules, which can effectively reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). Whether it is the development and mass production of PERC products, or the introduction of 1500V and bi-facial PERC double-glass modules, JA Solar has always been at the forefront of the industry. DNV GL's "Top Performer" honor further demonstrates JA Solar's technical strength and ability to provide high-performance, high-reliability solar products.

For more information please visit

Xiaorui Sun
+86-10-6361-1888 x1698

Source: JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.

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5th Annual ROTH China Solar Tour to be Held in Conjunction with SNEC Power Expo in Shanghai May 28-31, 2018
May 16, 2018

ROTH Investor Tour to Meet with ~ 20 Solar Power and Clean Technology Companies on Booth Tours and Facility Visits

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ROTH Capital Partners (ROTH),, a full service investment bank focused on serving emerging growth companies and their investors, today announced that it will host its 5th Annual China Solar Tour in Shanghai on May 28-31, 2018. The event is held in conjunction with the SNEC Power Expo, one of the largest annual solar conferences/expos in the world.

This invitation-only event, which will be hosted by ROTH’s Philip Shen, Senior Research Analyst, Cleantech, will provide an opportunity for industry executives and institutional investors to meet and exchange views on the latest industry trends & issues.

“China remains the most important market in terms of both production and demand. However, trade barriers will require new strategies from the Chinese supply chain, and this has a broader investor implication which may present new investment opportunities for investors attending our event”, says Jesse Pichel, Managing Director – Cleantech Investment Banking at ROTH.

According to Mr. Shen, “Innovation and growth continue to fuel the global solar industry, and China is a key driver of the innovation and growth. The SNEC Power Expo is one of the largest solar conferences in the world. We expect our booth tour at SNEC to provide investors with insight into what’s happening on the ground in China as well as perspective on what to expect ahead.”

“We plan to meet with companies representing each step of the solar value chain, including: (1) Upstream polysilicon producers; (2) Midstream wafer, cell, and module manufacturers; (3) BOS/Inverter suppliers; (4) Equipment manufacturers; (5) Downstream players; and (6) Industry experts.”

This trip will include booth tours during the SNEC Power Expo, which will feature nearly 2,000 companies and exhibitors from over 90 countries, a tour of TPI Composites’ advanced wind blade manufacturing facility in Dafeng and the Amprius facility in Wuxi City, a tour of LONGI Green Energy Technology’s wafer facility, and a networking dinner. In sum, we believe this tour will enable participants to efficiently meet companies throughout the entire solar value chain—polysilicon, wafer, cell, module, downstream developers, private companies, and other industry experts—in one of the most important solar markets in the world.

Clients interested in attending should contact their ROTH sales representative or e-mail To learn more or register for SNEC, please visit the event web site at -

Our collective cleantech banking team has been involved in 95 cleantech transactions since 2012 with a total transaction value of ~$3.5B. (Source – ROTH Capital – 05/15/2018)

ROTH is a founding member of Sustain OC (formerly CleanTech OC), a trade association with its roots in cleantech economic growth that accelerates sustainability in the greater Orange County area through innovation, collaboration and education, as well as a member of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Event sponsors include Business Wire and The Blueshirt Group Asia.

List of Participating companies as of this release (As of 05/15/2018 – subject to change):

Company Name

Amprius   PRIVATE
Amtech Systems, Inc.   ASYS
Asia Clean Capital   PRIVATE
Bloomberg New Energy Finance    
Canadian Solar Inc.   CSIQ
Daqo New Energy Corp.   DQ
Huawei   PRIVATE
Jolywood   SZ: 300393
Longi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.   SH:601012
Meyer Burger   MBTN
ReneSola Ltd.   SOL
Sumec Corporation Limited   SHA:600710*
Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd   SZ: 300274
TaleSun   SZ: 002309*
Tebian Electricity Apparatus /TBEA   SH: 600089*
Tongwei   SH: 600438
TPI Composites, Inc   TPIC
Von Ardenne   PRIVATE
Xinyi Glass Holdings Ltd.   HK: 0868*
Zhonghuan   SZ: 002129*

*Invited as of 05/15/2018

About Roth Capital Partners, LLC:

ROTH Capital Partners, LLC (ROTH), is a relationship-driven investment bank focused on serving emerging growth companies and their investors. As a full-service investment bank, ROTH provides capital raising, M&A advisory, analytical research, trading, market-making services and corporate access.

Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., ROTH is privately-held and owned by its employees, and maintains offices throughout the U.S. and Hong Kong. For more information on ROTH, please visit

Investor and Media Contact:
ROTH Capital Partners
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GES Secured Long-term Financing of US$ 38 Million from FMO and DEG for Monte Plata Solar Project in Dominican Republic
Apr 25, 2018

Neo Solar Power Corporation ("NSP", publicly listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange, Ticker: 3576 TT), today announced that its subsidiary, General Energy Solutions Inc. ("GES"), has secured a 16-year US$38 million long-term financing from Netherlands Development Finance Company ("FMO") and German Investment and Development Corporation ("DEG") for its SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) named Electronic J.R.C. S.R.L. on April, 10th.

As the largest photovoltaic system in the Central Caribbean areas, the total installed capacity of this "Monte Plata" project phase I reached 34MW. The project not only passed stringently financial review by European banks but also the environmental and social responsibility requirements to ensure the project will not cause adverse impact to local community and environment. At the meantime, it meets the common principle of reducing thermal power generation and increasing renewable energy.

FMO and DEG are both AAA rated international development and investment financial institutes. Their common goal is to serve as a financial provider for those projects with positive contribution to the environmental protection and the society. By securing the loan from famous European banks, GES again presents its capability of global developing and global financing.

The solar modules for Month Plate project are sourced from NSP and 132,000 pieces modules have been installed into project phase I with an output of approximately 50,470 MWh per year. It will not only create electricity revenue of US$7.4 million per year, but also cut greenhouse gas emission for more than 35,729 tons of CO2 per year. This project was also recognized with the "Atabey Environmental Award" in the Business category for its distinguished contribution to the development of sustainable energy and the protection of the environment. So far, the project phase II of 35 MW keeps moving on and NSP together with GES will become the largest single investor in Dominican Republic upon the completion of phase II project. As a result, this investment both increases local employment rate and the percentage of renewable energy for the Dominican Republic.

So far, the accumulated Taiwan solar portfolio of GES has reached 118 projects with around 40MW in operating. GES' worldwide projects are located in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, and Dominican Republic. The accumulated projects in operating are reaching 145MW and the project pipelines (including awarded and under construction projects) of this year will reach around 400MW in worldwide.

About General Energy Solutions Inc. (GES)
General Energy Solutions Inc. (GES) is a company based in Hukou, Taiwan and founded in 2009. GES is one of the leading solar energy companies with the expertise to provide customized solutions across the globe: to develop, engineer, construct and operate projects to provide a low-carbon, sustainable future. The team consists of experienced project developers, financial advisors, and specialists, who all have an extensive track record in this industry. Through the team's experience and knowledge, the projects from GES can increase performance, reduce operational costs and maximize project yields. GES focuses on five core activities: Investments, Project Development, Project Management, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), and Operation and Maintenance (O&M). For more information, please visit GES website

About Neo Solar Power Corporation (3576 TT) (NSP)
Founded in 2005 by Dr. Quincy Lin (former Senior VP of TSMC) and Dr. Sam Hong (former Director of ITRI Research Division), Neo Solar Power Corporation (NSP) is a leading manufacturer of high performance and high quality solar cells and modules. With core competitive advantages in quality, technology and customer service, NSP became the world's largest merchant solar cell manufacturer by volume in 2013. After selling DelSolar to NSP, Delta Electronics (2308, TT) became the biggest shareholder of NSP with a 19% holding. Leveraging current leading position in solar cell technology, NSP will further expand into the global solar systems businesses, aiming to become the leading solar system integrator in the world. For more information, please visit the company's website

For further information, please contact:
Ms. Shirley Chen
Investor Relations Dept.
Phone: +886-3-578-0011 ext. 20626

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Việt Nam is updating its emission target in Paris climate deal
Viet Nam News
Apr 23, 2018

Vĩnh Tân 4 thermal coal-fired power plant in the central province of Bình Thuận. Environmentalists have long decried Việt Nam’s reliance on coal-fired power, frequently linked with the exacerbation of global warming. — VNA/VNS Photo

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam is reviewing and updating the country’s carbon emission target to better comply with the Paris agreement on climate change and prepare for the global assessment later this year.

Deputy minister of environment and natural resources Võ Tuấn Nhân announced the review during a consultation workshop on Wednesday, where international partners such as UNDP and EU contributed ideas and technical expertise to help the country reduce its emissions.

Deputy minister Nhân said that Việt Nam started its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) back in June last year and the report has been mostly completed. The greenhouse gas mitigation component focuses primarily on energy-related policies, industrial and agricultural production, land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) and waste.

Evaluation of data needed for calculating costs and the feasibility of greenhouse gas mitigation in various areas and opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emission between 2020 and 2030 were also discussed.

Delegates debated Việt Nam’s capability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8 per cent by 2030 and even achieve a 25 per cent cut with international support. They identified priority solutions for greenhouse gas mitigation and challenges to take such measures.

At the event, the review team proposed 45 plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, industry, energy and LULUCF to achieve a cut of more than 299 million tonnes of CO2 between 2020 and 2030.

The team is working to review the local status of climate change adaptation, calculate losses and damage and benefits of integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation, and evaluate impacts of Việt Nam’s emissions cut target on the country’s socio-economic development.

Hoàng Anh, an expert from the agriculture ministry and a member of the NDC review team, suggested the NDC include issues like Agriculture 4.0, organic agriculture and aquaculture.

According to Prof. Trần Thức, vice chairman of the advisory council for the National Committee on Climate Change, the NDC is one of Việt Nam’s responsibilities to the international community. Close coordination between ministries and State bodies is vital for the development and implementation of Việt Nam’s NDC, he stressed, adding that socio-economic development is Việt Nam’s ultimate goal but it must be realised in tandem with adaptation to climate change.

After signing the global climate agreement in Paris in April in 2016, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc officially ratified the accord in November the same year – coinciding with the day the accord went into force and effectively binding Việt Nam to the deal’s terms that set out to keep global warming in check. As part of the efforts shared by 195 nations, each country is expected to submit an updated report on its NDCs every five years in to ensure the global temperature rise will not exceed 2 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level by the end of this century. The agreement also seeks to eventually achieve net zero emissions.

Currently, according to climate watch organisations, Việt Nam ranks 27th in greenhouse gas emissions, contributing around 0.72 per cent to the global emissions. — VNS

Company Viet Nam News
Contact Tran Mai Huong
Telephone (84-4) 3933 2314
ADB Launches Instagram Photo Contest on Clean Energy in Lead-up to Asia Clean Energy Forum 2018
Apr 20, 2018

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (18 April 2018) — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) today launched a photo contest on Instagram to showcase how clean energy is being applied and used to the benefit of developing Asia and the Pacific.

The online photo contest, which will be held using the hashtag #ACEF2018, is part of the lead-up to the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2018, the region’s key knowledge sharing event on clean energy issues, industry trends, and developments. ACEF 2018 is co-organized by ADB, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Korea Energy Agency, and the ADB Institute.

“As clean energy technology matures and becomes more accessible, it is changing the life of the people in Asian developing countries,” said Yongping Zhai, Chief of ADB’s Energy Sector Group. “We are holding this photo contest to demonstrate what change looks like on the ground.”

The contest is open to nonprofessional photographers, of any age from ADB member countries. Images must be original and taken personally by the photographer, not previously published, and showcase clean energy: people, places, or infrastructure related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, increasing energy access, or energy innovations that are “on the ground” and affecting daily life in developing Asia and the Pacific. Contestants may submit as many photos as they like.

To enter the contest, post the photograph on your Instagram account using the hashtag #ACEF2018 and tag @asiacleanenergyforum. Photos can be posted between 18 April 2018 and 18 May 2018. Winners will be announced on 6 June 2018, during the forum.

First prize winner will receive $500, second prize winner will get $200, and third prize winner will take home $100. Special prizes await other winners as well. Winners will be judged on the merit of their content or on the number of Instagram likes. To see full rules, prizes, and to get information on the contest, go to this link.

ADB’s efforts to support clean energy form a cornerstone of its larger strategy to respond to the threat of climate change. Clean energy offers a win-win solution of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions while meeting developing Asia’s need for new and expanded energy sources. In 2017, ADB invested over $2.3 billion in clean energy projects using a broad range of technologies and applications, ranging from rooftop solar in cities to converting municipal waste to energy. ADB has a target to reach $3 billion yearly in annual clean energy financing by 2020.

The Asia Clean Energy Forum 2018, with the theme, Harnessing Innovation to Power the Future, will be held from 4-8 June 2018 at ADB headquarters in Manila, Philippines. The forum has been held annually since 2006 and draws a large and diverse audience of clean energy experts, project developers, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, development partners, civil society organizations, and members of the academe.

ADB, based in Manila, is dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific through inclusive economic growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration. Established in 1966, it is owned by 67 members—48 from the region.

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Biowaste brings clean fuel to rural households in Cambodia
Apr 18, 2018

Biodigesters convert waste into clean gas for cooking

April 2018 — Channeuon Kob awoke at the first light of day to fix breakfast for her family. Now that she would no longer have to smell gas fumes as she prepared breakfast, she was eager to cook. Kob recently purchased a clean cookstove to replace her butane gas cylinders as part of a new biodigester system that converts waste into fuel.

Biodigesters — which consist mainly of a large tank — collect, treat and convert manure and biowaste (human, kitchen and green waste) into clean biogas for cooking and organic fertilizer for crops. For a typical Cambodian rural farming family with two or three livestock, a biodigester system can often provide enough biogas to meet all daily cooking needs.

Eighty percent of Cambodian families in rural areas still use wood as the primary fuel source for cooking. When combined with a clean cookstove, a biodigester system creates a smoke-free cooking environment, producing benefits to respiratory health and safety, particularly for women and children.

Butane gas bottles are used for special occasions or when wood is not available. Although it is more convenient to cook using butane gas, low-quality cylinders and stoves present safety issues — explosions are not uncommon. A biodigester can also save considerable money due to lower fuel consumption.

In comparison to either wood or butane gas fuel systems, biodigesters are cheaper and safer for cooking while producing high-quality organic fertilizer.

Kob purchased her new system from the Cambodian social enterprise firm ATEC Biodigesters International (link is external), which developed the world’s first “plug-and-play” biogas digester that can be installed in high groundwater and flood-prone areas. Kob saw the benefits of her purchase immediately.

“The ATEC’s biodigester is a life changer for me,” said Kob. “Since switching from my gas cylinders to this ATEC’s biodigester, I am able to save $260 per year from my fuel expenses. I feel much safer while cooking. My kitchen is now filled with the aroma of the food I cook, not the smell of cooking gas from the gas cylinders. This biodigester uses waste around the house, so I would definitely recommend it to friends and relatives who have to walk far to collect wood for cooking.”

The USAID Private Financing Advisory Network-Asia (USAID PFAN-Asia) supported ATEC throughout its participation last year at the 7th Asian Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFCEF-7) business plan competition. The network helped ATEC refine its business plan and develop financial projections. As a result, the company has mobilized $700,000 in equity. The investment was made by a consortium of investors led by Small Giants of Australia and consisting of Fondation Ensemble and ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies, both of France, in addition to another private Australian investor. ATEC was second runner-up at PFAN’s AFCEF-7 forum and global winner of its investor forum in Vienna.

“This new round of funding will enable us to expand production to 10,000 units per year in Cambodia and export to other emerging markets,” says Ben Jeffreys, CEO of ATEC. “We expect our biodigesters will benefit as many as 20,000 people in 13 provinces of Cambodia by 2020.”

USAID PFAN-Asia, which started in 2013 and concluded in January 2018, helps companies pitch their projects to investors and improve their business plans. The program assisted 49 companies to mobilize more than $567.5 million in funds directly or indirectly for clean energy investments that will avoid or reduce 17.7 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The program is also helping create self-sustaining, long-term access to regional clean energy financing.


Taiwan Green Energy Solution Providers to the Middle East Seminar-Oman
Mar 29, 2018

In the presence of Mr. Khalid Al Huraibi, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Public Authority for SMEs Development in Oman, and Dr. Suo-Hang, Chuang, Vice Chairman Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) the works of Taiwan Green Energy Solution Day seminars and business meetings will start on Thursday, 29 March 2018 at The Radisson Blu Muscat. More than 100 business professionals and delegates will be attending the seminars and conduct one-to-one meetings to enforce the commercial relationship and partnership.

Green building brings together a vast array of practices, techniques, and skills to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment and human health. It often emphasizes taking advantage of renewable resources and using low-impact building materials e.g., using sunlight through passive solar, active solar, photovoltaic equipment and heat insulation solar glass. Taiwan has long been famous for the high quality of its technology exports and pride itself on the strength of our dynamic economy and the tremendous business opportunities available to industries around the world.

The six green energy solution providers represented here today are leaders in their specializations. They demonstrate ongoing commitment to excellence and have developed world class responses to contemporary energy problems. All delegates represent state of the art research and development in the energy sector and are proudly Taiwanese. Background information of the delegates is as follows:

(1) HENGS Technology, established in 1998, was a professional company specializing in monitoring system integration. In 2002, they founded green energy department and focused on renewable energy system integration and related products marketing. Till now, their excellent accomplishments are more than 600 cases of solar power systems for over 100MW. HENGS is the most experienced solar system integrator in Taiwan.

(2) NexPower Technology, founded in 2005, is a pioneer in advancing the development and applications of silicon-based photovoltaic technology. Its major products here today are the thin-film, see-through Eco Smart Glass for use in Building-Integrated Photovoltaics(BIPV) and the tandem solar photovoltaic modules to harvest solar power.

(3) The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was established in 1974. Its most prestigious Research Group is introducing a newly developed construction material called Heat Insulation Solar Glass for use with Zero Energy Buildings. The glass can generate solar power as well as reduce the energy consumption of a cooling and heating system.

(4) Segreene Sustainable Design and Consulting (SSDC) is the first consulting firm that provides professional green building consultancy services in Taiwan. They provide total solutions to their clients including LEED certification consultancy, green building design, energy-efficient HVAC system design, educational training, and green building and technology development.

(5) The Yushi Group, established in 1985, are specialists in high performance and energy efficient glass products for both residential and commercial purposes. They have brought a new definition to architectural glass. The group introduces its leading products, the Heat Mirror Insulating Glass unit as well as the KUglass Bullet Resistant Glass.

(6) Wintech Electric, established in 2006, has been an affiliated company of Winsome Engineering Consultants. Winsome has considerable experiences over 15 years in engineering construction, such as Taiwan Power Company, nuclear power, airports, subway, railway, etc. They are specialized in and passionately devoted to improving safety in engineering construction and power equipment maintenance.

The seminar is Organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA Taiwan External Trade Development Council in cooperation with Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, Muscat, Oman and OMANEXPO.

Date:March 28, 2018
Venue:Radisson Blu, Muscat

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Avaada Power Felicitated for Its Community Development & Women Empowerment Programs with ET Now CSR Leadership Award
Mar 21, 2018

Avaada Power Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading clean energy company, has been working for the overall development of underserved communities across the country. The organization has launched multiple programs directed towards empowering women through skill building, rural electrification, quality education and promoting health-care. Recognized for its sustained efforts, Avaada has been felicitated with ET Now CSR Leadership Award for overall Community Development and specifically for Women Empowerment.

Avaada has enabled women, especially in villages, to earn a sustainable income through its skill building program. Located across India, Avaada’s NavKiran Stitching & Tailoring Center offers certification courses. Through Self Help Groups, trainees are earning a regular income by using the skills learnt. In its campaign to bring village schools on par with those in city, Avaada has powered classrooms with solar rooftop systems. Digital Centers have been launched to help youth be conversant with computers and the opportunities it presents. Village schools have been refurbished to offer more conducive learning environment.

Through off-grid solar energy projects, Avaada has been able to bring electricity access to far flung villages in Ladakh and Uttar Pradesh. To ensure good health of the communities, Avaada has helped rural communities gain access to much needed medical aid. Apart from organizing regular health camps, the organization has been focusing on sanitation and other preventive measures. In line with this thought, the organization has also built household toilets in rural communities.

Mr. Vineet Mittal, Chairman, Avaada Group “Our inclusivity model delivers growth not just for the organization but for the society at large. Through our sustainability initiatives we are seeking to achieve widespread impact, by first identifying the issues and then launching customized campaigns to holistically address the problems. Creating opportunities for a better quality of life in local communities through rural electrification, skill building, effective health-care and quality education are as a much a priority for us as our business. To be felicitated for all our efforts with the ET Now Leadership Awards is a great honor. This is a memorable moment for all of us at Avaada.”

Avaada Power has always followed the philosophy of giving back to the society. For the overall development of the society, Avaada Power operates around its five pillars of education, enabling empowerment, protecting environment, promoting health care and lighting up rural India.

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