Trends in SMMart Shipping
May 26, 2018

During the SMM advance press conference, experts and top-flight industry representatives gave a preview of the topics that will be in focus at the leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg from 4 to 7 September. Top items on the agenda will be the digital revolution, eco-friendly propulsion technologies, new growth opportunities and the challenges associated with disruptive markets.

Hamburg 25/05/2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- With more than 2,200 exhibitors from 66 countries, and approximately 50,000 industry visitors from over 120 nations, SMM is sure to prove its status as the leading international maritime trade fair. "We want to offer real added value to enterprises of this sector – those who are represented at SMM with a stand of their own, and those who are sending their decision-makers to Hamburg to get informed about new trends in innovative technologies," said Bernd Aufderheide. The President and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH welcomed several dozen top media representatives from around the world to the advance press conference in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie building. In his keynote, Aufderheide mentioned numerous new features which will make SMM more attractive than ever. For example, this year's fair will for the first time cooperate with the TradeWinds Shipowners' Forum in a conference that will look into issues of paramount importance for the industry, such as financing. “The convenient clustering of exhibitor groups in the exhibition halls, or the theme routes successfully introduced during the last SMM, will make it much easier for visitors to find what they need,” Aufderheide added. The panel of experts assembled for the advance press conference was itself a perfect example of how SMM covers the entire value chain of the maritime industry: Key stakeholder groups, including shipowners, ship builders, suppliers, a classification society, and consulting firms were all represented on the podium.

Challenging markets

Disruptive markets where among the topics addressed by the well-known shipping expert Dr Martin Stopford. During the panel discussion, the non-executive President of the maritime consultancy Clarkson Research provided an overview of the current market situation. While some shipping segments have recovered, he said, the overall mood was subdued. “Over the past two years shipbuilders have faced increasing pressure.” The tonnage entering the market in 2018 is going to amount to less than half of that delivered in the boom year 2011. South Korea in particular is losing market share. Contrary to the general trend, orders for cruise ships doubled between 2015 and 2017, reaching a volume of USD19.5 billion. It was mainly the Europeans who profited from this boom, conquering a 34 per cent market share, something the world hadn’t seen in decades. “European shipyards should have a well-deserved party,” said Stopford.

Consistent with the motto of this year's SMM, “Trends in SMMart Shipping", Stopford believes digitalisation to be a key driver of increased efficiency within the sector. However, the expert cautioned, a stepwise approach is advisable: “It is better to do something simple that delivers for your business, rather than getting disappointed with attempting something too ambitious that fails,” he stressed. A “Smart Shipping Toolbox” could help build smarter ships, manage fleets smarter, and ensure logistics are really efficient, Stopford said. The goal would be an integrated transport service. As Kjersti Kleven, Co-owner and Board Member of the Norwegian shipbuilding group Kleven Maritime AS and Chairwoman of SEA Europe, the Shipyards’ and Maritime Equipment Association, reported, shipbuilders are increasingly able to benefit from the enormous advances in the field of robotics. In the age of digitalisation, investments in research and development were of paramount importance for the industry, she said. As for 3D printing, the realisation of many ideas would still be a long way off, but the technology held a lot of promise and could give rise to new business models, Kleven added. Referring to 3-D printing, HMC CEO Aufderheide pointed out that SMM will include a special exhibition highlighting the potential uses of this technology.

Strict environmental standards

The COO of Hapag-Lloyd, Antony Firmin, described what a shipowning company can do to overcome the current economic challenges. The sustained crisis had given rise to a rigorous consolidation process among line operators. Stricter environmental regulations would put extra pressure, Firmin said. Nevertheless his company does a lot to operate its ships in the most eco-friendly manner possible over their entire life-cycle and supports other environmental initiatives such as sustainable ship recycling. Just recently the company published its first ever sustainability report, Firmin added. In his opinion the IMO Emission Reporting System is "the only and the right way to get meaningful global data about CO2 emissions" and is preferable to the regional EU MRV Directive which only accounts for one fifth of global emissions. "The collection of commercially sensitive information must take place in an anonymized and confidential manner," said Firmin.

Referring to the fact that new regulations on CO2 emissions and ballast water management are actually likely to stimulate the business of shipbuilders and suppliers, the SEA Europe chairwoman simply stated: "We will build everything the market demands”. However, it would not always be easy for customers to identify the most suitable technology. Contributing the perspective of a major supplier, Wayne Jones, Member of the Executive Board – Global Sales & Aftersales at the engine manufacturer MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, called the recent decisions made by the International Maritime Organization IMO regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions "an enormous success", admitting that the goal was very ambitious. It is therefore very important for the entire industry to support this decision: “We have been promoting a maritime energy transition for years, and we are committed to driving a CO2-neutral global economy that includes shipping,” Jones emphasised. “We firmly believe that the switch to low emission gas fuels is the silver bullet to decarbonize international shipping,” he added.

Smart solutions

Radiating confidence about the future of shipping, Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, Chairman of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and CEO of DNV GL – Maritime, was sure that the “digital transformation will forever change the shipping industry and pave the way to new business models.” For example, he said, detailed, real-time cargo and route information as well as data relating to the operation and condition of the vessel and its components will make future supply chains much more adaptable and efficient. “The development and spread of cloud based technologies and computer power will change not only how we manage data but how we design, build and test vessels, their systems and components.” Even today digital solutions are unfolding their economic potential in concrete ways: For instance, the classification society DNV GL uses drones equipped with cameras to inspect structural elements in ships, tanks or offshore installations; and since last October, customers have been able to manage ship certificates in electronic format. More than 100,000 certificates for about 8,000 ships have been issued by DNV GL to date. Apart from increasing the efficiency of operational processes, digitalisation will also improve safety on board. “The new level of decision support will give us better control over assets and systems, increase onboard situational awareness, and reduce human factor incidents and operational risk,” said Ørbeck-Nilssen. Kjersti Kleven agreed that major advances in this field lie ahead: Another innovation, the “digital twin” of a ship, provides ship owners and ship builders alike with an entirely new level of data transparency, allowing them to sell added value with their ships by optimizing operation or maintenance.

Reducing complexity, enhancing transparency: This is where MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Wayne Jones sees the key benefits of digitalisation. To aggregate all the different data collected separately in a variety of storage locations, a joint platform for the entire industry is under development. Jones emphasised the importance of protecting data privacy and security, announcing a major digital innovation developed by his company to be showcased at SMM in September 2018. Cybersecurity is also the subject matter of a joint project undertaken by the classification societies organised in the IACS, Ørbeck-Nilssen reported. The organisation is also developing a common terminology for different levels of autonomous ship operation. “This is a highly interesting field which is developing fast,” shipyard owner Kleven added. The first autonomous ship will be contracted very soon, she said. However, many technical and legal questions must be answered before this technology can even be considered for large container ships, interjected Hapag-Lloyd’s Anthony Firmin.

Attractive niche markets

While the situation in some market segments has improved, the survival of many shipyards and suppliers depends on niche markets such as the cruise ship segment, which has seen an unprecedented boom in Europe, as SEA Europe Chairwoman Kleven pointed out. She hopes the offshore segment will recover, as well. At the same time she stressed the importance of knowledge transfer into new and attractive fields such as marine research, deep-sea mining and the utilisation of Arctic resources.

In his closing remarks, HMC CEO Bernd Aufderheide promised that all these forward-looking topics were going to play a key role at SMM in September. In particular, the conferences focusing on digitalisation, environment, security and defence as well as deep sea mining and polar research would impart crucial knowledge the industry needs to tackle present and future challenges. "We want to deliver concrete answers to the industries most pressing questions, and are looking forward to welcoming exhibitors, industry visitors and conference participants from more than 100 countries when Hamburg once again becomes the epicentre of the maritime world for four days."

About SMM

The leading international maritime trade fair takes place at the Hamburg Messe und Congress fair complex every two years. With roughly 2,200 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors from all continents, SMM is the world's most important industry event. It covers the entire value chain of the maritime sector, bringing together international decision-makers and experts and providing a platform for highlighting innovative technology.

The 2018 fair will take place from 4 to 7 September, once again under the honorary patronage of German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. The four-day event is preceded by an inaugural international conference, the Maritime Future Summit (MFS), on 3 September 2018, one day before the exhibition opens.

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Growth of New Energy Vehicles puts Demand for Aluminium Alloy on Fast Track
May 26, 2018

BEIJING, CHINA --( ASIA TODAY )-- The growing use of lightweight materials for the development of new energy vehicles is driving demand for aluminium alloy in China and around the world. At the last Auto China show alone, leading brands showcased 174 new energy models and it is predicted that by 2020, the number of new energy vehicles in China will reach 2 million. This rapid growth in both production and sales is underpinned by government policies and high market demand.

Aluminium China 2018 in Shanghai, from 11-13 July, will offer a major international platform for the growing range of new lightweight materials and production solutions. In particular, the event will highlight the vital role of aluminium in the future of the new energy automotive industry.

32 new energy auto-related policies were launched in China in 2017 and the policy of tax rebates for consumers who buy new energy vehicles is to be extended for another three years. Furthermore, China’s ‘Made in China 2025’ strategy puts new energy vehicles at the center of its vision of the future, committing to, “support electric and fuel cell automobile development; encourage low carbon emission technologies and smart auto technologies.”

Lightweight design, together with electrical drive engineering and smart technologies will define the new energy auto industry in the next ten years. With car plate-based traffic control and compensation policies in place, indigenous auto manufacturers currently account for over 90% of China’s new energy auto market. CPCA (China Passenger Car Association) statistics show that top new energy brands, in terms of sales, in China include BYD, ZD, BAIC New Energy, Chery New Energy, and SAIC Rowe, while bus manufacturers are also joining the new energy wave.

“A rise in the use of aluminium for new energy automobiles is promoting lightweight design trends and accelerating industry growth,” said Chris Zang, project manager of Aluminium China. “In the future, aluminium will be used increasingly for vehicle bodies, doors, trunks, hoods, bumpers, heat exchange, chassis, power batteries, motor parts and other parts and components. Backed by in-depth market research designed to understand new energy auto needs, Aluminium China 2018 will help businesses expand into these exciting new markets.”

This year’s event will feature side-events such as a ‘Get to Know Automotive Manufacturers’ program, an Auto Buyers’ Exchange Day, and a Thai Market Themed Conference. By connecting demand and supply, Aluminium China will correct the current market information imbalance and provide a robust trading platform for exhibitors and buyers.

Collocated with Aluminium China this year will be Lightweight Asia 2018, which provides more diverse material and solutions for the new energy auto industry.

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The "THINKLIGHT: Embracing Changes Forum" provides an industry platform for the global lighting community
May 24, 2018

GUANGZHOU --( ASIA TODAY )-- The final stages of preparation for the 23rd edition of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition are underway as the show opens in less than a month’s time. Held from 9 ‒ 12 June at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, the show serves as an ideal business platform for the lighting and LED industry as more than 2,600 exhibitors convene to showcase the latest products, solutions and services.

Acknowledging the show’s ongoing development, Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, commented: “The lighting industry is in a phase of rapid transition and the quest for the next industry innovation continues. To better serve the industry, we have dedicated considerable resources and effort into devising the concurrent event programme at the fair. We aim to position Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition as more than just a business platform, but as an insightful and engaging industry gala featuring specialists from around the world. Our goal is to provide participants with an enlightening journey that hopefully sparks new ideas and shapes industry breakthroughs.”

Participants invited to “THINK” and “ACT” at the THINKLIGHT: Embracing Changes Forum

To echo with the show theme, the THINKLIGHT: Embracing Changes Forum will be held alongside the exhibition. The three-day event programme is structured according to four major changes witnessed in the industry while being split into two distinct sections, the THINK and ACT forums. The THINK forum will examine the changes from both conceptual and strategical points of view, while the ACT forum will focus on practical topics that can tackle these changes in the industry and present a range of real-life case studies. The four major changes are outlined in more depth:

Changes in the concept of lighting
The lighting industry has embraced the concept of “Internet of Things”. Today, lighting has the potential to go far beyond illumination, it is able to connect and convey meaning. The event programme will go into depth about how the lighting industry can leverage on cross-industry technologies in order to develop smart lighting and link seamlessly with other devices. Some of the key topics and speakers at the forums include:

• Visible Light Communication (VLC):
In recent years there has been ground-breaking worldwide research in VLC, utilising LEDs for lighting and information exchange. Dr Yue Zhang, Assistant Professor, University of Leicester, will present “The Internet of Radio Light (IoRL) in Buildings”. His presentation will demonstrate how an IoRL project can develop a safer, more customisable and intelligent VLC system.

• Wireless communication protocols:
Integrating network connectivity and intelligence into LED-based luminaries helps form the backbone of smart buildings and cities and makes the vision of IoT feasible. Currently, lighting manufacturers are faced with a diverse array of options when choosing the communication protocol that could support them. Mr Skip Ashton, VP Software, Silicon Labs, will present “Growth of the IoT – Lighting” where he will examine how lighting manufacturers can protect their development investment when considering connectivity. In addition, representatives from Bluetooth SIG, Zigbee Alliance and Wi-Fi Alliance will present at the forums to showcase their applications.

• Smart controls and dimming technology:
Smooth and flicker-free dimming is a core technology that will be discussed. Recent developments in sensors using Radio Frequency (RF) technology has shown the technology is capable of controlling and adjusting light while still taking advantage of daylight. Ms Lea Li, Specification Manager, LUTRON, will share more about the technology.

• Indoor Positioning:
Prof Julian Cheng, The University of British Columbia and Prof Maite Brandt-Pearce, University of Virginia will present talks highlighting indoor visible light positioning. Recently, applications have used light as the foundation for tracking and location services in buildings.

Changes in technology
LED lamps create form factor innovation and also lay the foundations for the next revolution in the lighting industry – the race for connected and intelligent lighting systems. The transition to an LED future is a crucial step in the industry. The forums will discuss new developments in LED technology such as micro LEDs, full spectrum LEDs and LED optics. Presentations on OLEDs, AMOLEDs and laser diodes will also be covered. Some of the key topics and speakers at the forums include:

• Micro LEDs:
According to recent research, the micro LED market is expected to reach USD2.89 billion by 2025. Dr Liu Zhao-jun, Southern University of Science and Technology and Prof Kuo Hao-chung, National Chiao Tung University, will examine this trend in more detail.

• Artificial light Vs sunlight:
Creating light that is comparable to natural light is a sought-after goal for lighting manufacturers. Mr Vincent Wu, Vice President Marketing, Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd will talk about innovations in LED packaging technology, while Mr Yoshihiko Naito, Senior Manager, Nichia Chemical Hong Kong Ltd will present “Ultra-High CRI White LED” and illustrate lighting that offers the closest match to standard illuminants.

• OLEDs:
Many people believe that OLED technology should be applied to display settings, however, recent research has also shown that the improved performance and cost efficiency of OLED lighting has enabled the technology to become commercialised. Mr CF Sung, General Manager, Ultimate Image Cooperation will discuss the merits of OLED panel features from a number of perspectives.

• Laser lighting technology:
Will laser lighting one day replace LEDs? Mr Jurgen Yeh, General Manager, Shanghai Yunquan New Material Ltd will discuss its potential future applications.

• LED integration and miniaturisation:
The increased efficiency of LEDs combined with the trend of LED integration and miniaturisation with electronics presents exciting opportunities for the lighting industry. Mr Mickey Madsen, CEO, Nordic Power Converters will share new ideas on design methodology for power electronics.

Changes in lighting fixture design
While it’s safe to say that the LED revolution has already happened, falling prices and an increasing difficulty to differentiate products are still big concerns. In the lighting fixture design forums, a special focus will be given to the challenges faced in lighting fixture design and also the use of interactive lighting and 3D technology in lighting fixture production. Some of the key topics and speakers at the forums include:

• Lighting fixtures and design:
The aesthetic value as well as the functional role of lighting design will be examined in greater detail with Prof Hong Lin, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Prof Fan Yu, Jiangnan University.

• Interactive lighting:
Light is now a medium that creative minds can play with in unexpected ways, from transforming public spaces to assisting people in their daily lives. Mr Alexandre Lemieux, Business Development, Creos Experts-Conseils inc and Mr Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun, Artistic Co-Director and Designer, Atomic 3, will present “The Art of Bringing Art to the World“, sharing how to use light as the primary tool in a project, to tell stories and spark the imagination.

• 3D printing technology:
Creating innovative lighting fixture designs may sometimes require new concepts in materials and production methods. Ms Paola Amabile and Mr Alberto Fabbian, Founders, Faberhama, will present the not-to-be-missed presentation “The Combination of Glass Blowing and 3D Printing Technology in the Production of Lighting Fixtures”.

Changes in the market
LEDs have provided the lighting community with a new vision and business opportunities. In this final segment of the forum programme, shifts in market focus from general lighting to niche applications will be explored in greater depth. Some of the key topics and speakers at the forums include:

• Light trends and technology in plant factories:
Urban farming and LED technology adoption is driving unprecedented growth in the horticultural lighting market. Mr Joel Reiner, Grower, AeroFarms, will share his experience of commercial-scale indoor farming that disrupts traditional growing seasons, using IoT solutions and data to drive greater insights and greater yields of crops.

• UV LEDs:
Mr Yoshihiko Muramoto, CEO, Nitride Semiconductors Co Ltd, will examine the changing state of UV LEDs ‒ a niche market expected to be worth USD369.58 million by 2020 ‒ from their use in industry to home appliances.

Commenting on the concurrent event programme at the fair, Ms Wong added: “The lighting industry has changed and evolved into so much more. Born from these changes are new products and design ideas as well as increased connectivity. This has encouraged the lighting community to think ahead and interpret new trends that present lighting in a new dimension. I am confident that participants will discover a wealth of new knowledge from our extensive forum programme.”

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition runs concurrently with Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology. Both are a part of Messe Frankfurt’s Light + Building Technology fairs worldwide, headed by the biennial Light + Building event.

Messe Frankfurt also offers a series of other light and building technology events worldwide, including the Shanghai International Lighting Fair, Thailand Lighting Fair, BIEL Light + Building in Argentina, Light Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building in Russia as well as Light India, the LED Expo New Delhi, and the LED Expo Mumbai in India.

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JCB at Formula One 2018 Singapore Grand Prix
May 24, 2018

JCB has won a four-year contract to supply recovery equipment to the Formula One 2018 Singapore Grand Prix. The high profile race takes place in the heart of Singapore’s central business district from 14-16 September 2018 and - as the only Formula One event scheduled for Southeast Asia – it is often described as the region’s crown jewel. This spectacular night race is a highlight of the Formula One season and offers JCB a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate their renowned products to a global audience of millions.

JCB successfully managed to secure the rights to supply recovery equipment following a competitive, high-level tender process. The race organising committee were particularly impressed with JCB’s products, and the role of Aly - JCB’s newly appointed Singapore dealer - in negotiations; as well as JCB’s commitment to motorsport through its existing sponsorship agreement with Williams Martini Racing.

Albert Foo, Executive Director Corporate Strategy, Aly JCB - JCB’s exclusive dealer for Singapore - states: “Supplying equipment to the Singapore Grand Prix is a big opportunity for JCB. It’s a statement of intent, which shows our customers that Aly and JCB are rapidly growing in Singapore ready to support them. If such significant, high profile customers as the Singapore Grand Prix have confidence in JCB to provide the solutions for their operations, and are making the switch to our brand, our customers will trust us to provide them with the same world class solutions. The race also showcases the versatility of JCB’s Telescopic Handler - in particular the machine’s lifting capacity, compactness, boom strength and ease of controls - which enable it to achieve any number of jobs.”

JCB will exclusively supply the Singapore Grand Prix with 20 Telescopic Handlers - ranging from the 527-58, all the way up to the 540-170 and the 560-80 models - in a package that also includes JCB’s flagship model, the 541-70 Telescopic Handler. These machines will be deployed at several prominent locations within the race track area for the full three days of the race weekend. The Telehandlers will be used in the event of a crash or car malfunction. They will lift and remove the affected race cars from the track into the holding area. Familiarisation training is being provided using machines with appropriate jibs and spreader bars, while both JCB and Aly’s technical resources are on standby for the whole event.

Max Lytle, Managing Director JCB Southeast Asia, comments: “The local knowledge and insight of Aly JCB played a crucial part in JCB winning the race for this contract. It is another string to our bow that shows customers we are serious about the Singapore market and are a world class manufacturer of construction equipment. What better way to demonstrate our products than in a high profile event such as the Singapore Grand Prix that will attract vast global interest and provide an excellent opportunity to raise our brand visibility?”

Max continues: “The Telehandler concept is one that can revolutionise customers’ applications across Southeast Asia. The ability to quickly and easily pick up and move a load – be that a Formula One car, brick pack, or whatever it may be - is the very essence of a Telescopic Handler.”


About JCB
JCB is the world’s third largest manufacturer of construction equipment. The company has more than 11,000 employees and 22 factories around the world, including 11 in the UK and others in India, China, Brazil and North America. The company makes more than 300 different machines including backhoe loaders, tracked and wheeled excavators, mini and midi excavators, Loadall telescopic handlers, wheeled loading shovels and compaction equipment.

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Great Tips to making a killer T-shirt design for any event!
May 24, 2018

Creating the perfect T-shirt is an artistic process requiring plenty of concentration. In reality, only after seeing the amount of creative energy inserted into the T-shirt making process, does one realize the true beauty of a marvelous T-shirt!

In fact, there’s more to a T-shirt than just the fabric. For starters, each and every t-shirt carries a message about one’s personality. That’s why some people will be more comfortable wearing a T-shirt of a specific kind compared to another.

That being said, how does one bring to life an artistic T-shirt that conveys the full-depths of their personality? Here are some great tips to soak in the next time a T-shirt design is in cue.

Utilizing strong PMS colors when it comes to the artwork

Every T-shirt designer has the freedom to select any kind of artwork they prefer; rel="nofollow">whether it is CMYK or RGB modes, the liberty is essentially theirs. That being said, if one plans to have the smoothest colors around, then a silk screener would be the ideal go-to option.
Plus it also makes the color separations much simpler and more distinct.

On the other hand, don’t get a printer who would charge extra money for the matching of the PMS colors.

That’s a pretty old-school way of getting extra money. Plus let’s face it; it would be doing them a favor by being more subtle about the accuracy that is required.

Converting a majority of the text into outlines

At times, the artwork of a T-shirt might need the extra touch of a very obscure font; or perhaps even a custom design font.

That being said, when delivering artwork off for print, it would be quite a bummer to discover that the desired font has been substituted for another!

Hence, by opting to convert the text into outlines, the font will remain intact.

In fact, for great tips as well as products on T-shirt printing, check out Heatpressguide.Com

Designing the artwork with the actual size in mind

It’s never a smart idea to trust the printer’s judgement when it comes to determining the size before having a lengthy discussion with them first. One of the things that one has to realize is that the printer’s vision of the end result can be pretty different from the owners.

So the safest way to defend a unique design is to always create the artwork at its final size.

Incorporate vector work in the design process as much as possible

Not saying that vector is any better than raster, but vector is just much simpler to use than the latter. That’s because it makes the separation of colors much easier; not to mention how print comes out cleaner.

Just note that this is a general rule for day-to-day operations if one is looking for a faster method to create cleaner artwork. However, if raster is a forte, then as the sages have quipped for centuries, ‘each to his own.’

That being said, great artwork is the key to any terrific t-shirt. So ensure to invest in it accordingly!

Intermach 2018 shines a spotlight on Smart Factory
May 22, 2018

The 35th Edition of Intermach, which takes place at BITEC this year, showcases ‘Smart Factory’ and the automatic production process without human labour involved. The ASEAN’s largest Industrial Machinery Exhibition is expected to generate more than 10,000 million baht of the trade value.

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, said that the Intermach 2018 reflects upon TCEB’s policy that places a focus on the conference and exhibition events that feature benefits which in line with the country's development strategy. The Intermach 2018 takes place during 16-19 May 2018 at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

For the 35th edition of Intermach, TCEB collaborates with UBM Asia (Thailand) Co Ltd - the organiser of the event, by providing support for two main campaigns namely ‘Exhibiz in Market’ and ‘Connect Businesses’. The support covered full ranges of overseas marketing activities for the international exhibition which include attracting organisations and overseas governments to exhibit their pavilions as well as drawing potential buyers to join the event.

From the cooperation, it is expected that the event attracts more than 45,000 attendees and generate up to 12,000 million baht of the trade value. In this year, TCEB successfully draws organisations and public sector from the overseas countries to exhibit the pavilions at the show giving the increase of the total exhibition space to 38,000 square meters. Last year, the event attracted 43,000 attendees with 600 companies from all continents.

Mr. Sanchai Noombunnam, Deputy Managing Director of UBM Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., said that the Intermach 2018 showcases the latest technology of industrial machinery covering a wide variety of manufacturing industries including automotive, electronics, construction, medical devices, furniture and agriculture. The show is considered as the significant platform for the industrial entrepreneurs to maximise their productivity. This year, the event is organised under the theme ‘Redefining Manufacturing through Advanced Technology’, which demonstrates the ‘SMART Factory Showcase’. It highlights the application of technology and automatic production process of which the machinery is operated and controlled via the Internet and without human labour involved. The show includes the demonstration of real production through the production line with various machines such as robotic arms, folding machine, machining centre, metal lathe, and measurement, which all are interoperated by software systems. The demonstration of this advanced technology is considered as the first of its kind in ASEAN.

The Intermach has been organised continuously and proven its success over the past years. The exhibition comes to its 35th edition in this year and continues to deliver the comprehensive business success. In this year, the show is organised in-conjunction with MTA2018 – the International Precision Engineering, Machine Tool and Metalworking Exhibition & Conference. By having the MTA2018 under the same roof, it emphasis the position of Intermach 2018 as the ASEAN’s largest Industrial Machinery and Subcontracting Exhibition.

“By proving supports to the Intermach 2018, TCEB’s objectives are not only to sustain the existing markets or expand new markets to increase the numbers of international exhibitions in Thailand but to secure the position of Thailand with the highest record of Net Exhibit Space Sold in ASEAN. Also, the Intermach is recognised as a significant platform which can further generate economic value for Thailand. It is expected that this year, the trade value at the Intermach will reach 12,000 million baht and attracts 45,000 international attendees from overseas countries,” said Mr. Chiruit.


For further information, please contact: Corporate Communications Department, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization)

Ms Parichat Svetasreni Tel: +66 2 694 6009 Email:
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The 28th edition of Interior Lifestyle Tokyo is about to open its doors!
May 18, 2018

TOKYO --( ASIA TODAY )-- Japan’s leading high-end interior and design fair, Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, opens in just a few days’ time. The fair will run from 30 May – 1 June 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight West halls 1, 2, 3, 4 and the Atrium. The show maintains its reputation as one of the best B2B platforms for the autumn / winter and year-end sales seasons, in the fields of interior and design.

At the coming 28th edition, 811 exhibitors (Japan: 616, Overseas: 195) from 30 countries and regions will showcase a variety of interior design products across 13 zones: Atrium highlight ‘For Here or To Go’, ACCENT, EVERYDAY, FOODIST, GLOBAL, HOME, JAPAN STYLE, KITCHEN LIFE, MOVEMENT, NEXT, TALENTS, NORDIC LIFESTYLE and JEWELRY-selected by gallery deux poissons.

In the past few years, the product range at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo has extended from interior items to include apparel, jewellery, arts & crafts, and high-end home electronics and food. This is reflective of the current market trends taking place, whereby concept shops are becoming more and more widespread. The wider product portfolio exhibiting at the show also suggests that Interior Lifestyle Tokyo is recognised as an indispensable destination to expand business in various industries including interior products, art, fashion, food and home electronics.

Special zones including the popular Atrium highlight ‘For Here or To Go’ to feature a wide array of attractive products

Atrium highlight: ‘For Here or To Go’

The 2018 theme of the Atrium highlight will be ‘For Here or To Go’ – a familiar phrase heard at coffee shops and fast food shops. At the zone, buyers have the option of placing an order at the venue (For Here) or to take an offer away for further consideration and place an order later (To Go). Collaborating director Mr Yu Yamada is one of the well-known and experienced buyers in the design market in Japan. After working as a buyer for IDEE SHOP in Minami-Aoyama, he founded his own company ‘method’ in 2017, and began working as a freelance buyer shortly afterwards. Based on his buying experience, he designed the Atrium presentation including its booth layouts and fascia boards, which aim to facilitate communication between exhibitors and visitors. At the entrance, a special themed café and a pop-up office designed by method will serve as business meeting spots. Mr Yamada will also conduct a complementary live talk once a day on the stage at the Lifestyle Salon, located at West Hall 1. Buyers and creative directors from leading interior and concept shops in Tokyo can join the sessions to discuss their buying perspectives and sourcing criteria.


Products in the JAPAN STYLE zone will demonstrate the fusion of modern lifestyle and traditional craftsmanship. The area was originally presented at Ambiente to promote high-quality Japanese design and skillsets internationally, and has since been developed at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo and IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living. Among other highlights at the 2018 edition, KORAI / HULS Inc will present a new brand of tea sets designed by Ms Shizuka Tatsuno together with Japanese craft manufactures.


This zone is dedicated solely to Scandinavian design, which is loved by many people around the world, the Japanese being no exception. This year, LIVING MOTIF will exhibit for the first time at the fair and introduce the simple and stylish Swedish furniture brand, MASTERPRODUCTIONS. Meanwhile, Apex Co Ltd will showcase various brands including Menu, LOVI and LUMI from Finland.


Given that food is an integral part of life, specialty stores have been expanding their space for well-designed packaged food in recent years. Reflecting this and other related trends, the FOODIST zone will showcase an array of products that are perfect as gifts and displays. For example, renowned Susumuya teashop will be presenting its select tea varieties and blends and original teapots, to match modern lifestyles and interiors. This year, the zone is expanded to feature 23 companies with nearly half of the participants as long-term supporters.


Interior Lifestyle Tokyo prides itself on its international participants and brands. This year, exhibitors from countries and regions around the world will include: Austria, Bangladesh, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, the UK and the US. Over 16 exhibitors will also gather at the ‘ITALIAN PAVILION – Italian Lifestyle in Japan’ to showcase a wide array of products including home accessories, kitchenware, gift items and furniture with rich design and craftsmanship.


TALENTS and NEXT are zones that support young talents. The concept was also brought from Ambiente in order to give new and upcoming talents a chance to present their ideas to trade show visitors. At TALENTS, visitors can expect to find a number of different prototype designs. At NEXT, new design ideas produced by young energetic companies will be presented.

JEWELRY-selected by gallery deux poisson A must-see is the unique jewelry selected by Tomohiko Mori of Gallery de Poisson, also the director of the "New Jewelry" event held at several place in Tokyo, focusing on design and handicraft and the sale of new and creative jewelry.

Interior Lifestyle Awards and talk show programme ‘Lifestyle Salon’ to complement the show as a trend-setting business platform The fringe programme events laid on during Interior Lifestyle Tokyo will include a number of talks, lectures and an award ceremony which will provide participants with the most relevant industry information.

The Interior Lifestyle Awards will consist of two prizes: the Young Designer Award and the Best Buyer’s Choice. Every year, the winner of the Young Designer Award is selected from the participants of TALENTS and will receive the chance to exhibit at the TALENTS zone in Ambiente, which gathered 135,000 international visitors in February 2018. Meanwhile, the Best Buyer’s Choice will be awarded to the must-buy item among all the products at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, and will be selected by prominent industry buyers. This will be presented by Mr Kenji Ono, Merchandise General Manager of THE CONRAN SHOP JAPAN, a leading high-end interior shop based in Tokyo. Both awards will be announced on the first day of the show on the stage in West Hall 1 on 30 May at 2:00 pm.

LIFESTYLE SALON is a series of talk shows presented by experts discussing the latest developments in the fields of interior and design.

Ambiente Trends 2018 will present the trends in consumer goods. The talks will be held by the trend bureau stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano.

Programme schedule
Ambiente Trends 2018
Wed 30 May /Thu 31 May 12:15 – 13:15
Fri 1 June 12:00 – 13:00
Speaker: Ms Annetta Palmisano, stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano
Language: English / Japanese

Design & Buying: Success stories across different retail forms Thu 31 May 10:30 –11:30
Speakers: Mr Emmanuel Plat, Director of Merchandising, MoMA Design Store, New York, USA
Ms Cecilia Chizzali, Product Director, Coincasa, Venice, Italy
Ms Monica Somaruga, Business Partner, Amleto Missaglia, Milan, Italy
Moderator: Ms Yasuko Natsume, Lepre

About Interior Lifestyle Tokyo
Interior Lifestyle Tokyo and its sister fair IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living are held every summer and autumn respectively at Tokyo Big Sight. The two fairs are based on two of Messe Frankfurt’s most prominent annual fairs in Frankfurt, Germany, Ambiente and Heimtextil. Ambiente is the world’s most important consumer goods fair held every February and Heimtextil is the world’s leading international trade fair for home and contract textiles held every January.

Media Contact
Tel. +81 3 3262 8453

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ISH China & CIHE 2018 opens on 22 May with its largest ever exhibition space spanning across 10 halls
May 17, 2018

BEIJING, CHINA --( ASIA TODAY )-- ISH China & CIHE - China International Trade Fair for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Sanitation & Home Comfort Systems will be held from 22 – 24 May 2018 at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing with its largest ever show to date.

Jointly organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and Beijing B&D Tiger Exhibition Co Ltd, the three-day event will occupy 10 exhibition halls for the first time, while a record-breaking 116,000 sqm of exhibition space will host 1,300 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions.

The Chinese government’s clean energy heating reforms continue to enhance the development of greener HVAC solutions in the market. To accommodate this growing demand for clean energy heating, two additional halls – E5 and E6 ‒ will be employed for the very first time and will embrace the theme of “Coal to clean energy” with an exhibition area of over 10,000 sqm. In addition to displaying premium HVAC energy-saving products, the two halls will serve as an extended area from halls E1 and E2 to stage wall-hung boilers as well as related products and components.

Visitors to the 2018 fair can expect to find an in-depth showcase of the latest HVAC products and technologies that are suitable for a diverse array of industry sectors. To help international HVAC brands tap into the Chinese market, an “Overseas Area” will make its debut appearance in Hall E1, gathering top global brands from the UK, France, Germany and Italy. Some of the renowned international brands that have confirmed their participation include Bowers Eclipse, Centrotherm, Groppalli, Polidoro and Sermeta.

Another brand new zone catching the attention of fairgoers this year is the “Water Pump Zone” in Hall W1. It is the first zone to be dedicated to a particular product category in ISH China & CIHE and has been established to accommodate the increasing demand from this sector of the industry. Renowned water pump brands from around the world to feature at the zone include Dooch, Grundfos, LEO and Wilo.

The show also features a number of international pavilions showcasing an advanced selection of global HVAC technologies. The Italian Pavilion returns to the show in hall W2 in its largest ever capacity with confirmed exhibitors including Bitron, Cofi, Nordgas, Te-sa, Trafilerie carlo gnutti and Unidelta. The total number of Italian companies present at the show this year has more than doubled demonstrating the appetite the industry has for Italian expertise.

As a loyal participant at the show many times before, the German Pavilion in Hall E2 will again remain as the biggest dedicated exhibition avenue among other zones and areas, utilising over 1,500 sqm of floor space. The pavilion will house nearly 20 leading German brands including Aquatherm, Elco, Fränkische Rohrwerke, Max Weishaupt, ORE and Wefatherm.

Leading domestic and international brands also confirmed their attendance at the fair include A.O Smith, Aquatherm, Ariston, Baxi, Blauberg, Bluepure, Brötje, Chappee, Danfoss, De Dietrich, Devotion, Elco, Enchoy, Fulton, Gassero, Gree, Haier, Hansa, Hitachi, Honeywell, Industrial Combustion, Kiturami, Maincor, McQuay, Midea, Möhlenhoff, Noritz, Oilon, Oventrop, Panasonic, Pettinaroli, Phnix, Riello, Sanica, Siemens, Stiebel Eltron, Vaillant, Vanward, Vexve, Vortice, Watts and Zehnder.

Concurrent event programme offers invaluable market insights into clean energy heating driven by national policies and initiatives Tackling the country’s challenging air pollution situation is a key aim for the Chinese government. Crucial to this are improving the nation’s energy efficiency and reducing emissions. In response to a series of national policies and initiatives, ISH China & CIHE will team up with China Economic Information Service, Xinhua News Agency, China District Heating Association and China Energy Conservation Association to organise the China Clean Energy Heating Forum by inviting global industry experts to explore the future of clean energy heating.

* China Clean Energy Heating Forum
Organisers: - China Economic Information Service, Xinhua News Agency
- China District Heating Association
- China Energy Conservation Association
Co-organisers: - Heating and Radiator Committee of China
Construction Metal Structure Association
- Floor-heating Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association
- Gas Heating Speciality Committee of China Civil Engineering Society
- Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH)

The 4th China International HVAC Congress (iHVAC) offers unique opportunities for fairgoers to be inspired by new technology Under the spotlight at the concurrent event programme will be the 4th iHVAC Congress, the in-house developed forum series by ISH China & CIHE. Inviting key decision makers from various sectors, the forum is comprised of six key presentations that will shed light on a number of significant industry developments:

* iHVAC – Electric Heating Development in Northern China
Organisers: - Power Energy Substitution Industrial
Development Branch of China Electricity Counci

* iHVAC – Fresh Air System
Organisers: - China Mechanical Ventilation Industry Alliance
- FGK - Association of Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Buildings

* iHVAC – Water Purification System
Organisers: - China Direct-Drinking Water Magazine

* iHVAC – China Innovative Heating Products and Technologies
Organisers: - China District Heating Association

* iHVAC – Air-source Heat Pump Technologies
Organisers: - Heat Pump Committee of China Energy Conservation Association
- Efficient Heating Project of International Copper Association

* iHVAC – Home Comfort System
Organisers: - China Construction Metal Structure Association Indoor Climate Association
- Clean and Fresh Air Committee of China Building Metal Association
- Heating and Radiator Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association
- Floor-heating Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association
- Heating and Home Comfort Branch of Shanghai Building Materials Industrial Association

Apart from the iHVAC Congress, another noteworthy concurrent event will explore commercial heating solutions in public institutions such as hotels, schools and hospitals. A total of six presentations will offer ideas on how to achieve improved energy efficiency. Event details as below:

* Energy-saving and Emission-reduction of Public Institution HVAC Congress
Organisers: - China Public Institution Energy-saving Innovation Alliance (Preparatory)

Media Contact
Sheva Ng
Tel. +852 2230 9280

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Kaiam and Broadex Announce Partnership to Manufacture and Supply Advanced Optical Modules in China
May 16, 2018

NEWARK, Calif. & JIAXING, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kaiam, a leading manufacturer of advanced data center optical transceivers, and Broadex, a supplier of optical modules, announced a partnership agreement where Broadex would manufacture and supply high-end transceivers into the China market.

The two companies announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for furthering cooperation on volume production of QSFP28 100G-CWDM4 transceivers based on Kaiam’s innovative LightScale®2 platform. The LightScale2 architecture has fundamental advantages in cost and performance and is ideally suited for high-volume applications. The agreement allows Broadex to manufacture these units in China and directly address Chinese customers who require local production. This also complements Kaiam’s in-house manufacturing in the UK and provides further capacity to address the high volume data center market.

“We anticipate very strong demand for 100G transceivers based on our LightScale2 technology,” said Dietmar Zapf, GM / VP of Manufacturing at Kaiam. “In addition to the production lines already running at our Livingston, UK facility, we need to develop and secure further expanded capacity for manufacturing these products in high volume. The MOU signed with Broadex would allow us to leverage Broadex’s manufacturing expertise and infrastructure and expand our capacity in the next 3–6 months to meet high demand.”

“We are glad that Kaiam chose to continue working with us for manufacturing its new non-hermetic transceivers for data center applications,” said Yong Ding, PhD, VP and CTO of Broadex Technologies. “We have been producing OSA-level components for Kaiam in high volumes for several years now. The LightScale2 platform is optimized to deliver maximum value and performance in the data center environment at dramatically lower costs. We will work aggressively to quickly ramp to high volumes with high yields.”

“Kaiam is eagerly anticipating expansion into the China market with the assistance of our valued partners at Broadex,” stated Jeremy Dietz, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at Kaiam. “The two companies will combine on business growth activities in and around China to strengthen Kaiam and Broadex’s market share in optical transceivers for data centers as well as PLCs for 5G rollouts.”

The MOU includes details of mutual technology cooperation and manufacturing arrangements on timeline, cost roadmap, local sourcing and China market development.

About Kaiam Corporation

Headquartered in Newark, California, with large-scale manufacturing in Livingston, Scotland, Kaiam is a leading manufacturer of optical transceivers for hyperscale data centers. Founded in 2009 by leading technologists from the optical networking industry, the team has a record of delivering breakthrough products that change the rules of the marketplace. Current products include 100Gb/s LightScale® optical transceivers optimized for data centers and a range of planar lightwave circuits (PLCs). For more information, visit and follow on Twitter at: @KaiamCorp.

About Broadex Technologies Co., Ltd.

Located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China, with R&D center in Shanghai, China, Broadex Technologies has leading expertise in areas of optical design, testing and packaging for PLC products. Founded in 2003, Broadex Technologies offers high quality and cost effective optical products for telecom and datacom markets. Main products include PLC splitters, arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs), variable optical attenuators (VOAs), Variable Optical Power Multiplexer (VMUX), and optical sub-assembly (OSA) for transceivers. Broadex Technologies is publically listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300548.SZ). For more information, visit

Kaiam Corporation
Jeremy Dietz, +1 510-516-7290
V.P. Global Sales & Marketing

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5th Annual ROTH China Solar Tour to be Held in Conjunction with SNEC Power Expo in Shanghai May 28-31, 2018
May 16, 2018

ROTH Investor Tour to Meet with ~ 20 Solar Power and Clean Technology Companies on Booth Tours and Facility Visits

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ROTH Capital Partners (ROTH),, a full service investment bank focused on serving emerging growth companies and their investors, today announced that it will host its 5th Annual China Solar Tour in Shanghai on May 28-31, 2018. The event is held in conjunction with the SNEC Power Expo, one of the largest annual solar conferences/expos in the world.

This invitation-only event, which will be hosted by ROTH’s Philip Shen, Senior Research Analyst, Cleantech, will provide an opportunity for industry executives and institutional investors to meet and exchange views on the latest industry trends & issues.

“China remains the most important market in terms of both production and demand. However, trade barriers will require new strategies from the Chinese supply chain, and this has a broader investor implication which may present new investment opportunities for investors attending our event”, says Jesse Pichel, Managing Director – Cleantech Investment Banking at ROTH.

According to Mr. Shen, “Innovation and growth continue to fuel the global solar industry, and China is a key driver of the innovation and growth. The SNEC Power Expo is one of the largest solar conferences in the world. We expect our booth tour at SNEC to provide investors with insight into what’s happening on the ground in China as well as perspective on what to expect ahead.”

“We plan to meet with companies representing each step of the solar value chain, including: (1) Upstream polysilicon producers; (2) Midstream wafer, cell, and module manufacturers; (3) BOS/Inverter suppliers; (4) Equipment manufacturers; (5) Downstream players; and (6) Industry experts.”

This trip will include booth tours during the SNEC Power Expo, which will feature nearly 2,000 companies and exhibitors from over 90 countries, a tour of TPI Composites’ advanced wind blade manufacturing facility in Dafeng and the Amprius facility in Wuxi City, a tour of LONGI Green Energy Technology’s wafer facility, and a networking dinner. In sum, we believe this tour will enable participants to efficiently meet companies throughout the entire solar value chain—polysilicon, wafer, cell, module, downstream developers, private companies, and other industry experts—in one of the most important solar markets in the world.

Clients interested in attending should contact their ROTH sales representative or e-mail To learn more or register for SNEC, please visit the event web site at -

Our collective cleantech banking team has been involved in 95 cleantech transactions since 2012 with a total transaction value of ~$3.5B. (Source – ROTH Capital – 05/15/2018)

ROTH is a founding member of Sustain OC (formerly CleanTech OC), a trade association with its roots in cleantech economic growth that accelerates sustainability in the greater Orange County area through innovation, collaboration and education, as well as a member of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Event sponsors include Business Wire and The Blueshirt Group Asia.

List of Participating companies as of this release (As of 05/15/2018 – subject to change):

Company Name

Amprius   PRIVATE
Amtech Systems, Inc.   ASYS
Asia Clean Capital   PRIVATE
Bloomberg New Energy Finance    
Canadian Solar Inc.   CSIQ
Daqo New Energy Corp.   DQ
Huawei   PRIVATE
Jolywood   SZ: 300393
Longi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.   SH:601012
Meyer Burger   MBTN
ReneSola Ltd.   SOL
Sumec Corporation Limited   SHA:600710*
Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd   SZ: 300274
TaleSun   SZ: 002309*
Tebian Electricity Apparatus /TBEA   SH: 600089*
Tongwei   SH: 600438
TPI Composites, Inc   TPIC
Von Ardenne   PRIVATE
Xinyi Glass Holdings Ltd.   HK: 0868*
Zhonghuan   SZ: 002129*

*Invited as of 05/15/2018

About Roth Capital Partners, LLC:

ROTH Capital Partners, LLC (ROTH), is a relationship-driven investment bank focused on serving emerging growth companies and their investors. As a full-service investment bank, ROTH provides capital raising, M&A advisory, analytical research, trading, market-making services and corporate access.

Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., ROTH is privately-held and owned by its employees, and maintains offices throughout the U.S. and Hong Kong. For more information on ROTH, please visit

Investor and Media Contact:
ROTH Capital Partners
Isabel Mattson-Pain
Director of Marketing