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Creative People, Gracious Community, Connected Singapore

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To Develop Singapore as a Global City for Information, Communications and the Arts, so as to Build a Creative Economy, Gracious Community and Connected Society with a Singaporean Identity rooted in our Multicultural Heritage.

MICA's mission has two fundamental thrusts.

1. Propelling the Creative Economy
• Develop and promote our creative industries (arts and culture, design, media) and infocomm technology sector to create new economic value and jobs.

2. Fostering a Connected Society
• Forge a strong sense of community, national identity, rootedness and inclusion among Singaporeans by enriching our arts and cultural resources, ensuring quality media content, and empowering individuals through infocomm literacy and access for all.
• Foster better understanding between the Government, Singaporeans, and international stakeholders through effective public communications.

Five Outcomes
• A Vibrant and Sustainable Creative Cluster
• A Thriving Infocomm and Media Cluster
• A Gracious and Knowledgeable People, appreciative of arts and culture
• A Sense of Community, National Identity and Rootedness
• A Better Understanding of Singapore and its Policies

Core Values
We serve with integrity and strive to be knowledgeable, forward-looking and excellent in our work.

We enjoy our work and our passion drives us to give our best.

We are constantly seeking new ideas and challenging the bounds of convention to break new grounds.

We are one in purpose, collaborating and leveraging on our diverse strengths to achieve a common vision.

• The I flowing into A unites the three MICA functions of Information, Communications and the Arts.
• Red symbolises human activity and communication.
• Green is nature from which all life springs and must remain close to.
• The hollow and full dots are the yin and yang, which form the basis of art.

Main Products
Government Media Relations The Media Relations Division in MICA is the nerve centre in the dissemination of Government information to the local and foreign media organisations based in Singapore: • Facilitates the distribution of Government press statements and press releases. • Facilitates in the setting up of interviews with ministers and senior Government officials. • Provides advice and where necessary, assistance, in managing media events and other ministerial functions.
Title Press Coordinator Name Media Relations Division
Telephone (65) 6837 9666 Fax (65) 6338 3093
E-mail Country Singapore