JCN Newswire

Tokyo-based JCN Newswire disseminates English press releases from Japanese corporations to the global investor community. JCN Newswire is distributed simultaneously through networks including Bloomberg, Reuters and Thomson Financial, databases including Factiva, Factset, FT Global, LexisNexis, Multex, and Thomson Dialog, and carriers including Acquire, Comtex, Financial Content, Marketwatch, Moreover and Thomson NewsEdge.

JCN Newswire press releases are also distributed to the publishers, editors and journalists of over 3,000 trade and industry publications, financial publications, and general news and business publications. Specialized Automotive, Chemical, Communications, Electronics, Health and Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Manufacturing, International Trade, Materials, Science and Technology, and Shipping and Transportation circuits have been selectively researched, contacted and created by JCN editors to ensure maximum trade and industry exposure.

In July 2005 JCN Newswire launched the first automated Japanese language feed across all major business and financial services in Japan, including Bloomberg, Reuters, Thomson, Factset and QUICK, the leading Japanese vendor.

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