EQS Group

Since its founding in 2000, EQS Group (hereinafter “EQS”) has grown to be a leading global provider of digital solutions for investor relations and corporate communications. Its solutions and services enable over 7,000 companies worldwide to fulfill complex domestic and international corporate information requirements securely, timely and efficiently.

Headquartered in Munich, EQS has over 170 employees encompassing 12 cities globally. Within Asia Pacific, EQS operates offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, serving over 400 companies in the region. EQS offers integrated communication solutions which can be used individually or combined effectively in a modular system.

With its service oriented towards Corporate Investor Relations, EQS helps companies fulfill mandatory disclosure requirements, develops and maintains corporate websites, provides mobile and app solutions, produces online financial and sustainability reports, and executes audio and video webcasts.

Main Products
Newswire, technology solutions for investor relations
Title EQS Newsroom Asia Name EQS Newsroom Asia
Telephone +852 2893 5622 Fax +852 2892 1112
E-mail newsroom.asia@eqs.com Country Hong Kong