Yamanashi Kyoto Management Comments as Huawei Surpass Apple Becoming the Second Largest Smartphone Maker
May 03, 2019

May 03, 2019 03:55 PM Hong Kong Time - OSAKA, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Yamanashi Kyoto Management analysts have noted in recent market figures that show Huawei Technologies Co. have surpassed Apple Inc. obtaining the second highest position in regards to smartphones sold in the first quarter of the year.

The multinational telecommunications company has been in the media spotlight from Chinese espionage to board member scandals, however the company has grown its shipments up to 50 percent from last year.

Yamanashi Kyoto Management analysts forecast that it was the only company that expanded its volumes in the quarter.

Huawei’s has shown steady growth gaining on major rivals such as Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. with its popular high-end devices, the company has had huge success in its home country mainland China.

Samsung has enjoyed a rally compared to its fourth quarter of last year with much of its success coming from its new S10 product range, which was introduced in February. Apple also noted that their projected quarterly sales have beaten analyst estimates suggesting a bounce back after a disappointing holiday season.

“Not a single company has seemed to challenge Samsung and Apple in recent years over there market dominance in the smartphone market, however Huawei is making waves with its recent 50 per cent surge in shipments.” Commented Matthew Cole, Head of Sales & Trading at Yamanashi Kyoto Management.

Hauwei seems to be holding its number two spot for the foreseeable future while Apple struggles in China.

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