YAMAGIWA OSAKA Showroom & Office
Mar 14, 2023

We were commissioned to design a new Osaka showroom for century-old lighting manufacturer Yamagiwa. Drawing inspiration from the company’s logo, a symbol of radiating light designed by Yusaku Kamekura, we decided to construct the space from assemblages of fine lines. Wooden louvers are used on the ceiling, while vertical louvers reminiscent of paper shoji screens serve as partitions that let in soft light. Polished brass rods embedded in the flooring and stucco walls catch the light from fixtures and glimmer like gold threads in Japanese brocade, representing beams of light. As Yamagiwa expands its reach as a global brand from Japan to the world, this new showroom expresses exquisite craftsmanship and the play of light and shadow in an ambiance that is both neutral and distinctly Japanese.

Because the showroom displays lifestyle products focused on lighting, we used several strategies to create a homelike, human scale. Both the angle of the wooden ceiling louvers and the position of the vertical blinds can be freely adjusted, softly segmenting the space and allowing each area to have a different atmosphere. During events the ceiling can be flattened to create a large public area, and by adjusting the display areas frequently, the showroom can provide a fresh experience to customers each time they visit.

To the rear of the showroom is an office. Because Yamagiwa also sells office lighting and furniture, this office sometimes functions as a showroom. Part of the office ceiling is visible from the main showroom, allowing customers to see the office lighting while also making the showroom feel larger because the ceiling extends past its boundaries. The ambient office lighting is programmed so the color temperature changes according to time of day and is designed to harmonize with the showroom lighting for a pleasant overall light environment. Features such as counter tables that flexibly accommodate shifting staff numbers and booths for video conferencing come together in an office design adaptable to diversifying work styles.

Architect information
Company name : Yuko Nagayama and Associates
Address : 6F, 11-22, Yostsuyasanei-cho, Shinju-ku, Tokyo, Japan
URL : www.yukonagayama.co.jp

Credit information
Architecture : Yuko Nagayama and Associates
Photography : Nobutada Omote

Project outline
Location : Minamisemba3-5-8,Chuo-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka
Completion : February, 2022
Design period : August 2021 –October,2021
Principal use : Showroom
Designed area : Showroom 257.4m2 / Office 217.8 m2
Client: YAMAGIWA (https://en.yamagiwa.co.jp/)
Architect: Yuko Nagayama and Associates (Yuko Nagayama,Yoko Komori, Hiroki Kondo)
Contractor: WIN WIN CO.,LTD