Workz Dubai produces MEA’s first eSIM for government smart project
Nov 30, 2018

30 November 2018, Dubai, UAE: Workz Group, the mobile and IoT company that provides SIM technology and remote provisioning solutions, has partnered with a leading African network operator and large African government to implement embedded SIM-enabled water meters. The country-wide smart project, which is expected to be launched in early 2019, is part of a long-term government objective to improve the health conditions of its population by providing accessible drinking water to the masses. Workz is the first provider in the Middle East and Africa to produce the embedded SIM chip.

According to a World Health Organization report, since 2018, more than 2,000 people have died in Africa due to cholera. The newfound project will track leakages, measure consumption, monitor energy and usage patterns in real time via the use of the SIM technology. This live data will allow for faster analysis as well as immediate and preemptive action to be taken on the water meters and systems.

eSIMs, a key component in the Internet of Things (IoT), are SIM chips embedded within a smart device that enable remote management of devices over a cellular network. The new technology is expected to support the connectivity of smart cities, smart meters, eHealth, smart cars, fleet management, security systems, and more, that are adopting IoT concepts to drive greater cost-efficiencies and effectiveness.

Workz, which provides eSIM technology and cloud management platforms to network operators, device manufacturers, technology enablers and governments, is the only GSMA-certified eSIM manufacturer in the Middle East and Africa and only one of six in the world to carry such an accreditation.

Commenting on the new project Tor Malmros, Workz’ co-CEO said: “We are delighted to be a part of such a large-scale government venture that uses new eSIM technology to make such a significant impact on people’s quality of life. Our aim as a company is to provide quality and rapidly deployable solutions and, alongside our team in Africa, we have been able to quickly get this project off the ground and make it a full-scale reality. ”

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About Workz

Workz connects and protects mobile subscribers of today and tomorrow by providing secure removable or embedded SIMs and remote provisioning solutions for consumer, M2M and IOT devices.

Since its start in 1997, Workz has securely managed over 8 billion connections in more than 50 countries all without a single data breach. Workz’ goal is to be a global player in the IoT ecosystem driving the secure deployment of smart devices and IoT applications faster and easier than ever before.

The company delivers over 1.5 billion mobile products each year across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Its GSMA-SAS certified manufacturing facilities produce eUICC and UICC SIM cards in addition to scratch cards. Workz is recognized as the world's largest recharge card manufacturer and the 13th largest SIM card manufacturer. Workz has been one of the first in the market to adopt new IoT technologies such as the embedded SIM. The company are one of only six in the world to be accredited by the GSMA to produce eSIM technology. In September 2018, it became the region’s first provider to enable mobile network operators to connect consumer eSIM devices such as the new iPhone XS/R and Apple Watch.

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