The Workforce is Changing - Are You Ready?
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May 21, 2019

Technology has made many things possible and helped businesses to thrive in today's digitization. The education industry is evolving, nonetheless. People at any age learn how to manage and better themselves online. But is it really enough to harness all the skills
needed in today's workforce?

With the advancement of technology, diverse workforces are thriving too. This fact makes it even more crucial for workers to have people skills.

The future of work is no longer about AI or digital related only, but also soft skills equipped workers. Unlike technical skills, soft skills need a longer time to harness. Leaders around the world agree that they need their employees to have transferable skills such as
communication, critical thinking, and adaptive . Those skills fall into soft skills category.

An easy example is when you are presenting in a room filled with people, but very few are listening. With so many words flying around and so little interest people have in the room to listen properly, what goes wrong? Is it you who can't present and unable to grab people's attention? Or is it them who are just not interested?

Yes, there could be a few reasons as to why people don't listen, including their soft skill set. The ability to listen is one of the most crucial soft skills the current workforce needs. Especially when you are a leader, you need to listen to what others need and require to
build an effective team and organization. There is another possibility of why people don’t listen: their lack of empathy towards the topic one is discussing. Again, empathy is a soft skill.

To adapt, communicate, collaborate, think analytically, and be more self-aware, one needs emotional intelligence. Soft skills are not something you can just learn in a day or online. You need time, effort, and practices to be good at it. Even though one might be lacking soft skills, there are ways to help you sharpen them by taking courses from soft skills coach as business schools don't usually teach you how to master them.

Depending on what skill you want to harness, but some skills are meant to be taught in a room, especially soft skills and people skills. JMamoni runs multiple workshops to help you harness and sharpen your soft skills, emotional intelligence, and etiquette. Some of my
courses can be found on my website here:

Feel free to drop me an email at to discuss any area that you want to improve for your own or team’s personal and professional development.

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