Jun 01, 2020

Pets are no less than a friend with whom you can cuddle all day to relieve your stress. Adding a new pet companion to your family requires one to be highly responsible to shoulder the boulders of adopting a new pet. Adoption can provide them with a new home, but one needs to ensure that the pets get an atmosphere where they can quickly settle and mingle.

In this article, you will get to know why pet adoption is better over pet purchases and how one can adopt a pet in Hong Kong.

Why should you adopt a pet rather than buying them?

When it comes to adding a pet companion to your family, there are two options that one has- purchasing and adoption. The adoption of pets tends to be a better option as it has some thoughtful motives associated with it over purchasing the pets from pet sellers.

There are ample number of reasons that will make you believe the motives of adopting pets, and if you are not convinced yet, here are a few of them:

• When you adopt a pet animal, you save a life, and the pet gets to have shelter and a parent. Also, there can be a decline in the number of euthanized pets if people consider adoption over purchase.

• There are ample of rescue groups, especially in Hong Kong, who have healthy pets waiting for people to adopt them. So, adopting one of them can help save a life and will also get you a great companion who can rise up your spirits every time you return after a long and tiring day.

• Adopting a pet is way too cheaper than purchasing them and you can save some upfront cost while adding a new member to your family.

• Dog breeders are into dog business, and they sell dogs for their own profits. But getting a pet from rescue homes is a good deed that you can bestow by getting an abandoned pet who would be thankful to you throughout their lifetime.

• Some rescue homes are simply overburdened with pets and thus by getting a pet from such houses helps in making room for other pets. So not just one, you are saving other lives as well.

What is the pet adoption process in Hong Kong?

If you are in Hong Kong and wish of adopting a pet, note that the government has dedicated articles but here are the highlights of the adoption process:

Visiting the center
An individual is first required to visit any such center that allows pet adoption an organisations like Whiskers N Paws offer solutions to adopt cats or dogs in Hong Kong. Interacting with the available animals to decide which pet to adopt is always advised. Coming with all your family members for the same is a better approach so that you can get a nod from all the family members who are going to adopt the new member.

Once you have made up your mind to adopt a pet, you can fill in the application form for the adoption process. The information will be highly confidential, and thus you do not have to take any chap of any personal details being disclosed.

The authorities will further assess the applications, and the pet animal will further be sent to the home that will be able to cater to its welfare in the best ways. The assessment process is carried out based on several factors such as animal breed, existing pets in a family, family members, etc.

The pet owners are further required to provide their mandatory documents and address proof so that the officials can be sent for a home inspection.

If the authorities find everything falling in the right place, then they give you a green signal by sending an application. If you do not receive any such application within a week, then you can assume the rejection of your application process as follow-ups are done only with successful applicants.

The last step is the completion of the adoption procedure, which will require you to visit the office for further proceedings. The decisions are made, taking into consideration the interest if the pets and SPCA have all rights reserved to put down any such applications.

How to get a dog license in Hong Kong?

A dog license can be applied by visiting any SPCE centers, AFCD dog inoculation centers, private vet clinics or AFCD animal management centers.

You need to have proper documentation for getting a dog license:

• Firstly, one should be a dog owner to apply for a dog license.
• The HKID card of the citizen is also mandatory for the application.
• A fee of 80 dollars is applicable for a dog license and can vary depending on the government’s discretion.
• Old dog license also deems to be mandatory if you are applying for a dog license renewal.

Pet adoption comes with overloaded fun and unlimited cuddle sessions. If you are someone planning to adopt a pet in Hong Kong, make sure that you give this guide a quick read to be acquainted with all the requisites and mandatory formalities of adopting a pet to provide them with a home to cherish.