Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly In Your Neighborhood
May 30, 2017

We matter, and so does our planet. It’s what we do now with it that makes a difference in the long-run.

There are situations all of us could be more eco-friendly; therefore, see ways to be more eco-friendly in your neighborhood and help the cause together.

Turn Off the Water

The environment is suffering when we don’t act responsibly. One way to improve our current state is to save on water. This means turning off the water when you’re not using it at home, school and work. You could also take shorter showers to conserve water and turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth. Each of these adjustments is a way to conserve water and help the planet. You can’t control everything, but what you can is up to you to practice. Do it a few times, and soon it’ll become a habit.

Turn Off the Lights

When you’re not home, turn off your lights. If you’re home, then turn off the lights you’re not using. Make it a routine that you only turn on the ones you’re using at the time. This’ll conserve energy, and your bill will be lower too. If you live with someone or a family, confirm they’re onboard to do the same. Also, practice this when you’re at work or school and the last one to leave the room. Every little bit helps.


Recycle at home by using one can for trash and another for recycle. As long as you have multiple cans for holding the trash and recycle, it shouldn’t be a problem to separate them out as you go and make sure they get in the right bin. Get your household involved and show them how and where to place the cans. Your neighborhood should have instructions for everyone and let you know when they’re picking it up each week.


Instead of everyone driving themselves to the same function, get a group together and carpool. Share cars and give each other rides to reduce your carbon footprint. Save gas and give your car a rest from driving all the time. Take turns driving, so everyone gets a break. Be careful on the road because there’s always a chance for a drunk driver, especially if you’re driving late at night. If you’re carpooling, be sure the person driving is sober enough to get behind the wheel. Tampa DUI lawyer, Robin Fuson, is a top lawyer who says these situations frequently arise, but there is help for those affected by it. If you don’t feel comfortable getting in a car with a group of people, you should call for a taxi. Carpooling only works if it’s safe for everyone involved.


Another mode of transportation that’s a great option for saving the planet is walking. Walk everywhere you’re able to without having to go too far. Whether this is to the grocery store or a friend’s house, walk instead of taking the car short distances.


There are many ways to conserve and make our planet a better place to live. Educate yourself on the options and what actions to take that’ll better the environment. These are just a few ways to be more eco-friendly in your neighborhood, so keep seeking out additional options and helping any way possible.