Water saving shower head fills water droplets with air
Dec 19, 2012

TOTO is releasing an interchangeable shower head which features their Air-In Shower technology and uses 35% less water than a conventional shower head.

"Ordinary water-saving showers use less water by having smaller holes, but we wondered if we could save water ergonomically, without losing the cleansing sensation of an ordinary shower. What's special about the Air-In Shower is that it aerates the water to make the droplets larger, so it can save water without making the water volume feel low."

As the Air-In Shower system saves water, it also reduces total energy use. TOTO calculates that, for a family of four, this product saves 15,300 yen (~US$180) in water and gas bills annually, and cuts CO2 emission by 146 kg.

The first shower with this head was released in April 2010, and by October 2012, over 200,000 units had been shipped. The system is currently available in a wide range of TOTO bathroom suites.

"From February 2013, all TOTO fittings and taps will be equipped with the Air-In Shower as standard, and the full line-up will be available. We're also getting ready to sell the Air-In Shower as a stand-alone product from February."

The Air-In Shower costs 5,900 yen (US$70) for just the shower head, and the Air-In Click Shower, which comes with a hose and has a button on the head to turn the flow of water on and off, will be available for 14,400 yen (US$170).

Posted By Don Kennedy and Ryo Osuga