Urology Conference Showcases Latest Developments in Modern Medicine
May 28, 2022

85 key opinion leaders participate in more than 10 scientific sessions
450 healthcare professionals visiting from 20 countries
Live Surgery Broadcasted from Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital, Umm Al Quwain

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 22 May 2022: The second edition of Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium (IUCC) was officially inaugurated this weekend at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai under the theme “Transcending Therapies, Driving Technologies,” with the presence of local and international experts in the field. The yearly event is organized by Arab Association of Urology (AAU) under the initiative of Arab School of Urology (ASU) and in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Emirates Urological Society (EUS), Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine (MESSM), Pan Arab Continence Society (PACS), Human Health Education & Research foundation, and INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions EST. – member of INDEX Holding.

This edition’s importance lies in the variety of topics it holds which confirms the UAE’s leading position in fields that cover quality of life, health services, and the employment of advanced medical technology. This further proves that the UAE strives to move on the path of development and creativity to provide the best services for individuals and quickly facilitates the recovery process for patients with various diseases and health problems by providing them with the best integrated medical care.

IUCC’s agenda included rich and informative medical sessions with a live surgery broadcasted from Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital demonstrating the different skills and techniques to ensuring a successful Penile Implant Insertion. The program also touched on various topics that covered all subspecialties and specializations in the field of urology, diseases related to the urinary system, and the latest technologies in diagnostic and treatment methods with a special highlight on Male Reproductive Medicine.

This year’s edition of the conference is hosting over 450 healthcare professionals visiting from more than 20 different countries and 85 speakers participating in 3 workshops and 10 scientific sessions. IUCC will also showcase 15 professional medical posters displaying breakthrough research explanations.

Although incontinence (loss of bladder control) and urinary tract diseases may not be life-threatening, they can have a major effect on the social, psychological, personal, occupational, and physical aspects of a patients' journey. This may ultimately lower a person’s quality of life and cause social isolation and limitation in their daily activities, making urology diseases turn into a social issue as well.

Dr. Abdulqadir Al-Zarooni, President of the Emirates Urology Society, stated: “Through the Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium (IUCC) conference, and in cooperation with a number of fellow doctors specialized in the field, we established an environment that supports efforts to educate patients with urological diseases about the importance and benefits of their treatment journey, and to discuss the latest treatment methods that modern medicine has reached in the evolving sector. "

He continued: “With the presence of more than 450 health specialists, we are showcasing the futuristic developments of the United Arab Emirates in various scientific, technological, and medical sectors, while addressing the accelerating need for healthcare in response to the country's continuous growth and development.”

Dr. Yasser Farahat, Chairman of Arab School of Urology and IUCC Scientific Co-Chair, commented: “This conference gave us the opportunity to fill the gaps that come with urology awareness as we were able to explore the challenges that we must overcome to provide the best prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services. We also take the time to build partnerships and cooperation bridges between various health institutions."

Dr. Ahmed Hammady, Secretary-General of the Arab School of Urology, added: “IUCC highlights the most important and latest developments, treatments, and medical research in the field of urology. This reflects the keenness of doctors to mobilize efforts and unify visions towards contemporary medical challenges and global developments related to urinary tract diseases, urinary tract infections, and all related diseases and health problems.”

The conference remarkably hosted a surgery broadcasted live from Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital which shed light on Erectile Dysfunction with Penile Prosthesis, Uro-Andrology, Men’s Fertility, while the second day of the conference is anticipated to shed more light on Uro-Oncology, Uro-Radiology, Urogynaecology, and Family Medicine.

IUCC 2022 is proudly supported by the some of the most prestigious names in the medical field, regionally and internationally, such as Dubai Health Authority, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention, Arab School of Urology, Emirates Urological Society, Emirates Oncology Society, Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine, Arab Association of Urology, Pan Arab Continence Society, Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital and Human Health Education & Research foundation


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