Trendmaster Is Presenting Its High-quality Communication Robots to the United States Market
Mar 06, 2022

KAWASAKI, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Chief Executive Officer of Trendmaster Co., Ltd., a leading company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing companion robotic pets, Atsushi Nakada today shared the company’s vision: spread happiness to all families around the world while enhancing family’s communication with companion robotic pets.

Trendmaster Co., Ltd. is presenting its high-quality communication robots to the United States market with the aim of enabling business partners to distribute their products. The company is looking for a distributor in the United States market.

“Ninja Cat series” are beady eyed cats who make life-like animal sounds.

By using the smartphone’s electrostatic sensor technology, the cat purrs when stroked on the head, under the belly, on its tail and even under its neck.
Ninja Cat was highly evaluated for its contribution towards the psychological stability for people affected with mild dementia.

According to the Robotic Nursing Equipment Development Survey Report, the communication robot, Ninja Cat, facilitated improved social and self-care changes among the elderly.

The Ninja Cat series was also adopted by the Nursing Robot Practical Applications Support Project to conduct surveys and collect information for future development in improving mental health care amongst the elderly.

The communication robots designed by Trendmaster Co., Ltd. are simple to use, affordable and portable, so seniors can easily use their products. The company is always considering the relevant role of communication robots in aging societies.

All interested parties to distribute their products are invited to contact by visiting Trendmaster Co., Ltd.’s executives will provide an informative brand summary presentation and a standard quotation form for your reference.

Selling Price per unit: $70 USD
Product description: Weight 200 g, size (43 x 14 x 11 cm)
Location: designed in Japan and manufactured in China

About Trendmaster Co., Ltd.
Trendmaster Co., Ltd. is a leading Japanese company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing companion robotic pets.

In 2020, the company sold 100,000 conversational robots for seniors in Japan.
It is certified as an SDGs Golden Partner by Kawasaki city government in Japan.

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Atsushi Nakada
CEO of Trendmaster Co., Ltd.
For inquiries, please email.