Top 5 Must-Haves for Your New Smart Home
Oct 25, 2016

Everyone loves when the Internet makes life easier and better for them. This means everything from home security systems to coffee makers that have a cup of coffee waiting on you when you stagger down the stairs at five in the morning. If you are thinking of turning your home into a Smart Home, then there are quite a few devices that you might want to look into that will make your life a whole lot better and much, much easier. With that being said, read on for the top five must-have smart devices for your new Smart Home today.

Home Security Systems

The days when home security systems came with tons of wires and directions to install them that went on for days are long gone with the Smart Home revolution. Now there are systems out there that allow homeowners to keep an eye on their homes even if they are miles away. On top of that, since everything is wireless and you have a security company monitoring your home for you, being secure inside or outside of your home has never been easier.


Who would have ever thought that controlling your heat and air from your phone would be a thing, but it is. In your new Smart Home, it is possible to have a thermostat that you control from your phone. If you are out and about and the temperature suddenly drops, you can easily access the thermostat on your phone and have the house be cozy and warm for when you walk in the door.

Home Theaters and TV’s

Today, you can even get your audio and visual appliances in the smart way. Many of these systems will include Panasonic sound, anti-reflection properties, and even 4K projection. Smart Homes just got a whole lot smarter, and entertainment is better because of it.

Smart Coffee

Coffee makers that know exactly what your preferences are and what time you are going to stop hitting that snooze button are a huge success all around. In fact, these type of Smart Home appliances is among some of the most popular on the market today. Since these coffee makers are Wi-Fi enabled you can start them from your phone, and many of them even have an alarm included to get you going in the mornings. On top of that, they are capable of adjusting coffee strength and letting you know if your water tank is getting low. How is that for the perfect cup of coffee in the mornings?

Smart Locks

One of the best inventions for the Smart Home has to be smart locks. Not only do these locks let you trade in your old-fashioned house keys for Smartphone service, they make your home safer as well. No more leaving an extra key under the flower pot where virtually everyone can find it. Instead, you will be able to control your door locks from your phone and let your friends and family in, no matter where you, yourself may be.

These are just a few of the types of must-haves you will want to check into when you have your new Smart Home up and running. Remember, technology is steadily moving forward, and you don’t want to miss the bus, so do your upgrading today.

Written by Jane Brown