Thai Tips - 5 Features Of Thailand's Serviced Offices
Aug 29, 2018

Thailand is in the midst of recovering from a season where a dark cloud covered much of the economy. Since its sharp downturn a few years ago, the country is making a slow comeback, and while growth is a little slower than other countries in the area, Thailand business is preparing for an upturn that will continue into next year. In anticipation of this, many in the business community are hopeful that this growth will translate into opportunities for private ventures.

These opportunities extend to foreign business interests as well. Those looking to do business in Thailand’s growing economy might find the whole process of setting up shop in a different country overwhelming, in addition to having to look for suitable office space. Of the various types of fit-outs, businesses used to the traditional office space but needing budget-friendly options should consider the serviced office for a few reasons.

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The serviced office is affordable simply because the leases provide businesses with fully-furnished space, usually, in a corporate building. While your office does share the floor with other businesses, your overhead every month is much lower than it would be if you leased a conventional office and then had to fit out the office with equipment, furniture, utilities, and internet services. Take a look at Servcorp’s offices at to see what is typically included in a package. This streamlining of office services makes it much easier for businesses to budget on a monthly basis.

One of the greatest features of the serviced office is the fact it is much more affordable to conventional leases. This is important because in many of Thailand’s business districts office rents are high. Additionally, those unfamiliar with the area might find themselves having to research zoning and renting laws to gain the advantage. In the end, a more convenient, budget-friendly solution is the serviced office.

Office Amenities

Included in a serviced office plan are the same amenities you would find by leasing a regular office. For one, businesses do not have to worry about staffing an information or reception desk because many of these plans come with support staff. Additionally, serviced offices provide businesses with some of the best in IT services. As a business occupying space in their buildings, most of your IT needs are taken care of by professionals.


Another feature of serviced offices in this country is that most tend to be located close to business districts, which are usually characterised by high rents. The serviced office places you in proximity to businesses in more affluent areas. In terms of image, the serviced office can provide your outfit with reasonably-priced office space in a prime business location.


Another feature of the serviced office is that it provides your business with room to grow. If your business in Thailand grows substantially, you have the option of modifying the lease to reflect your business’s new needs, and this can be done relatively quickly with no downtime for your business. For perspective, in a standard relocation situation, businesses would need at least nine months to successfully orchestrate moving from one location to another.

International Offices

Finally, look for fit-outs that have international offices. For example, Servcorp, one of Thailand’s leading office providers, has offices around the world. These offices typically provide businesses with access to conference and meeting room space. This benefits your business in that it provides you with a place to work regardless of where you are in the world.

Finding Your Space In Thailand’s Office Landscape

The serviced office can do wonders in this landscape where you really have to know the terrain to avoid entering into disadvantageous deals. Your serviced office provides you with a one-stop shopping experience that removes the hassles associated with initiating your office set up. In saving both time and money, you can focus on being more productive at work.