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Aug 14, 2017

Taiwan is the 5th largest economy in Asia and Taipei is currently listed as one of the top 100 global innovation cities. With a large number of software and hardware engineers and with technological centers and innovation clusters growing organically throughout major Taiwanese cities, Taiwan is on its way to becoming a major startup hub in Asia and even in the world.

On the other hand, as the largest country in ASEAN by population, Indonesia is working towards becoming ASEAN’s largest digital economy. In capital Jakarta, over the course of 2016, multiple IoT applications were launched, including City Surveillance System, Smart Street Lighting System, and Jakarta One Card. All these have shown Jakarta’s efforts to evolve into a smart city. By 2030, the automotive sector is estimated to have 46 million vehicles on the street and the utility sector will see 43 million homes for the close to 300 million population, spelling massive opportunity for IoT solution providers.

Therefore, Taiwan IoT brands, Acer, Advantech, Bionime, Edimax, Marson, and PX, join the Taiwan Excellence Campaign, which was sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and organized by the Division of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, and take part in 2017 Indonesia IoT Business Platform at JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta on 7-8 August, to introduce their IoT solutions to Indonesian buyers, enterprises and government divisions which have IoT application requirements.

Presales Manager of Acer Indonesia, Mr. Dimas Setyo introduced Acer Cloud Professor, which is an IoT starter kit that combines all the hardware and software you need to start learning. Mr. Dimas said, “By using Acer's Exclusive Cloud technology, we walk you step-by-step through practical applications from the cloud.” Besides, Mr. Dimas introduced acer air monitor, which was designed to help people keep tabs on indoor air quality, and stressed the importance of indoor air quality by the fact that 4.3 million people die each year from exposure to household air pollution (reported by World Health Organization).

Advantech presented its Process Visualization Solution at the event. The Industrial IoT Sector Head, Mr. Ramdhani Gumilar said that considering the economic growth, global trends and human needs, the development of intelligent living has to be made a priority. Nevertheless, the campaign for intelligent living will require both state investments in hardware/software integration and industry, as well as institutional and academic participation. This is not a process that can be dominated by one company. Advantech is taking a well-defined approach and focusing on intelligent healthcare, intelligent retail, and intelligent logistics. It also proposes six growth engines that will drive the future of IoT Services.

In 2015, around 415 million people in the world have diabetes, which means one in 11 adults has diabetes. In Indonesia the population of diabetic patients is 10 million, and 52.8% of adults with diabetes are undiagnosed. Therfore, Bionime, which is dedicated to manufacturing Blood Glucose Systems of high quality, accuracy and reliability, is pleased to present its diabetes total care solution. Bionime blood glucose meter collects every data and upload them to your mobile phone, where you could also note your medicine and insulin and record your meal for better analysis. In the hospital, doctor can use your data to give accurate control and suggestions for you to live better and recover to normal life.
Edimax AirBox is a smart air quality detector with PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity Sensors. It connects to a proven and sophisticated 24/7 cloud network so you can check data anytime and anywhere. Its notification-pushing function makes you immediately getting alert when PM2.5 level, humidity and humidity are dangerous. Besides, it analyzes data collected in various locations to understand trends, identify hot pollution spots or observe developments over time.

Marson specializes in designing and manufacturing barcodes devices. The 2017 Taiwan excellence awarded Marson cordless barcode scanner (wireless ring barcode scanner) is the smallest and lightest barcode scanner available in the market. It is with unique ergonomic design with touch-activated scan button. Along with its Micro USB Barcode Scanner, Mobile NFC Reader and many other scanners, Marson makes your logistic management much easier.

Due to the market trend and the Indonesian government policy, TV broadcast in Indonesia is gradually changing from analog to digital, which provided PX, a digital antenna brand from Taiwan good opportunity. Director of PX, Mr. Richard Liu said that PX has both indoor and outdoor antenna, which still none of the competitors in Indonesia can reach. Besides, PX digital antenna is claimed to be the only antenna product in Indonesia with a warranty.

This year's Taiwan Excellence campaign includes many activities to meet and socialize with consumers in Indonesia. Besides the IoT Business Platform event, you can also meet Taiwan Excellence at Mall Kelapa Gading in end of August, Communic Exhibition in October, Tujungan Plaza mall in Surabaya in November, and at Neo Soho mall from now on to the end of 2017. Moreover, you can also join the 270,000 fans on the Taiwan Excellence Facebook fan page.

April Lin(aprillin@taitra.org.tw)

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