Taiwan’s international Golden Pin Concept Design Award announces 2017 Design Mark recipients
Sep 09, 2017

Projects from Taiwan, Chile, China, Lithuania, and Singapore explore design concepts that have the possibility to change lives and environments

The 2017 Design Mark recipients for the Golden Pin Concept Design Award were announced on Thursday, August 31, by the award’s executive organizer, the Taiwan Design Center.

This year, 31 projects from Taiwan, Chile, China, Lithuania, and Singapore made the cut–their designers earning the right to use the Golden Pin Concept logo, NT$ 10,000 in prize money, and are in the running to take home one of three coveted Best Design trophies at the Golden Pin Design Award ceremony in December.

Secondary Selection for the Golden Pin Concept Design Award took place in Shanghai, China on August 26, then wrapped up in Taipei, Taiwan on August 30, with a total of ten jury members across the two cities participating in the selection process.

Medical or assistive devices were prominent amongst the Design Mark recipients this year. Bamboodia, by Taiwanese designers Yu-Chi Wang and Yu Man Huang, takes advantage of the flexibility and sustainability of bamboo to create a low cost prosthetic specially designed for teenagers with below-knee amputations. The flat-pack design of BoneAid, submitted by the same Taiwanese design team, makes it perfect for emergency care situations where lightness and transportability is a core need.

FingerReader, a project by Singapore-based Roger Boldu, Shanaka Ransiri, Suranga Nanayakkara, and Pattie Maes that was first developed as an MIT Media Lab project, is a wearable device that assists visually impaired users with reading printed text or words, while the designers behind Dian Mian, Jin-Wei Liang, Yu-Rou Zhan, Hsiao-Chi Sung, and Yu-Wei Kao from Taiwan, look at assistive living from a low-tech standpoint. By incorporating braille, a double-layer design and protective patches, Dian Mian assists the visually impaired to participate in an activity most of us take for granted.

Another project targeting disadvantaged or remote communities is AQUAIR. Designers Wei-Yee Ong, Hsin-Ju Lin, Shih-Min Chang, and Marco Villela from Taiwan take the popular concept of the fog collector system a step further by creating a collapsible, highly portable water collection funnel that can be attached to poles, and fitted with buckets, pipes, and weights found in any village or town or even in wilderness areas.

As seen in past years, concern for the environment is also apparent amongst participating designers in 2017. INHABITING HIGHEST IN THE ANDES, by Jonathan Mendez, Rodolfo Cespedes, and Edgard Torres from Chile, is a series of three structures that allows tourists to interact with the natural environment in an unobtrusive way. FUNNEL, by Cheng-Fei Kai from China, can be fitted into urban stormwater drains to collect the trash that flows into them. Once full, FUNNEL can be easily removed and the waste responsibly processed instead of polluting the oceans or clogging city water processing systems.

The designers behind Elbow Cassette Player (Andrius Žemaitis and Marius Paulikas from Lithuania) and Disappeared Hair (Qing Zhu, Binxu Jia, Shuai Zhao, Kunyue Peng, Ziyuan Shao, and Yingying Huang from China) transform ordinary, everyday products into something more useful or engaging. Elbow Cassette Player provides audiophiles with a contemporary way to listen to a medium considered by many as outdated, while Disappeared Hair offers users a stunningly simple way to clean the hair out of their hairbrush.

NEKO, designed by Pin-Ciao Zeng, Meng-Shu Tsai, Yu-chi Liu, Tzu-Fu Hsu, Wei-Fan Wang, and Hao-Ting Lin from Taiwan, was also a project that inspired jury members in Taipei. The only animation project to earn a Design Mark this year, NEKO uses the unique story of a girl who journey’s into the fur on her pet cat’s back to battle the fleas that live there to encourage people to take better care of their furry family members.

To view the full list of Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2017 Design Mark recipients, visit: https://goo.gl/1Fsy7u. For detailed descriptions of the winners highlighted in this press release, visit: https://goo.gl/N4bfLF.

“The Golden Pin Concept Design Award aims to provide a platform for talented designers from various industries to express their ideas in their works. I’m very impressed with the creativity witnessed amongst the projects submitted in 2017, which fully embody the sprit of this year's award: "In craziness lies genius,’” says Tung-Jung Sung, CEO of the Taiwan Design Center, the executive organizers of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award.

This year, the Golden Pin Concept Design Award received a total of 4,395 entries, with 190 products and projects passing the Preliminary Selection stage. Today, September 7, the first of two bilingual presentation classes were held to help Design Mark recipients prepare for Final Selection judging, where they are expected to present their ideas in-person or on video to an expert international jury panel by video or in-person.

Final Selection, in which the 2017 Finalists and Best Design winners will be chosen, will take place on September 27 in Taipei, and the award ceremony, in which the Best Design winners will be revealed, will be held in Taipei on December 7.

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