Taipei Music Conference 2019 - Coming up in October!
Sep 18, 2019

The summit of live concert masters that stimulates the limitless possibilities of the music industry

Taipei Music Conference 2019 is coming up in October! To respond to the extensive positive feedback from the industry, this year, on Oct. 8 and Oct. 22, we will hold two keynote speeches and panel discussions. With the theme " Next Dimension," the conference has gathered five top-notch creative professionals from around the globe to discuss how to think out of the box and the new philosophy of live concerts. Taipei Music Conference 2019 is a summit tailored to the needs of live concert professionals.

This conference is organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, and Taipei Music Center, and implemented by B'in Live. The event has invited ON THE LINE and Moment Factory, the production team for Namie Amuro's final concert, "namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~." Metaform.Studio and Sooner Rae Creative, teams that built the British rock band MUSE's 2018 album "Simulation Theory," will also share their experience on multi-dimensional branding. Our panelists include Mickey Huang, Taiwan's top tv host, and Johnason Lo, a creative curator. Viewing from different angles - creativity integration, digital multimedia design, concert productions, etc. - the conference leads Taiwan-based live concert professionals to unleash their imagination and to perfect the music as well as live concert experience.

The first keynote speech, "Catalyzing Creativity: Creating a Shared Memory for This Generation," starts on Oct. 8, at JUT Hall, Taipei City. This session brings us back to the creation of Japanese pop star Namie Amuro's final concert "namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~." Last year, the memorable retirement concert was a life-time experience; the impressive visuals and the heartwarming voice of Namie allowed the fans to witness the changes and growth over the past 25 years.

The first keynote has invited the key drivers that built Namie's milestone tour: President Shigehiro Nishi from ON THE LINE, Francesco Fiore, Managing Director of Moment Factory Tokyo, and Mariano Leotta, Multimedia Director of Moment Factory. Shigehiro Nishi is one of the most critical drivers in founding Avex Inc., the biggest record company in Japan. Mr. Nishi has also produced concerts for multiple Japanese pop stars, including SMAP, Ayumi Hamasaki, globe, and T.M.Revolution. Francesco Fiore has been an independent music producer and has founded record company in the UK and Italy. Mr. Fiore has later devoted to the European and Japanese entertainment industry for over 15 years and is an icon for introducing Japanese original music show to the world. Mariano Leotta is not only the Multimedia Director to Namie's final concerts, but has recently produced concert tour for Hong Kong pop star, G.E.M. Mr. Leotta specializes in using images to enrich the narrative, reinforcing the charisma of the performers.

The second keynote speech, "Crossover Integration: Creating a Future Beyond Imagination," starts on Oct. 22, at JUT Hall. The event focuses on building a multi-dimensional brand. Using MUSE's 2018 record "Simulation Theory" as a case study, the discussion stimulates the participants to think out of the box on how to develop themes with strong continuity. Multi-dimensional production will not only complement the narrative for the artists but also enhance future stage design with creative integration.

The team that perfectly design "Simulation Theory" is formed by Jesse Lee Stout, Creative Director of Metaform.Studio and the Lighting Designer of MUSE's tour, Sooner Routhier, Founder of Sooner Rae Creative. Jesse Lee Stout has collaborated with Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Rihanna, etc. Mr. Stout specializes in multi-dimensional visual design and is known for marvelous creativity which allows the soul of music to be seen by the world. Sooner Routhier won the Parnelli Awards, known as the most important live performance award in the world, for lighting design in 2015. Ms. Routhier has cooperated with the HBO on the "Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience" which brought the story to life that challenges the limits of the stage and visual experience.

Chien Chang Feng, director of the conference, said, "Namie's tour was the biggest event in the Asian entertainment industry last year. Naturally, all eyes from the industry were on the production team. They had also set a new bar for stage design and visual images, which created an extensive discussion in the industry." In response to the industry's expectations and the hope that the professionals can exchange experiences, Taipei Music Center has decided to hold this conference so that we can work together and add value to the creativity employment.

Mickey Huang, conference panelist, mentioned, "Taiwan has always been leading the Mandopop market. Through the experience exchange from the internationally renowned masters, we can learn from each other and expand our market to the world." Johnason Lo, founder of JL DESIGN and conference panelist, has been the Executive Creative Director to Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards in recent years. Mr. Lo has helped elevate the quality of the ceremony with extraordinary creativity. Mr. Lo mentioned that such an in-depth international experience exchange has a positive effect. We should be looking at the production workflow and concepts instead of merely discussing technologies, hardware, etc. Learn more about the in-depth know-how, instead of the superficial glamour, will be the goal for him and the participants.

Registration agenda for Taipei Music Conference 2019 is as follows: The first one, "Catalyzing Creativity: Creating a Shared Memory for This Generation," registration opens on Sept. 18. The second one, "Crossover Integration: Creating a Future Beyond Imagination, " registration opens on Sept. 30. The conference welcomes everyone from the industry. Please visit the conference webpage to register. Detailed information can be found on Accupass ).

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