T3EX changed its listing from GreTai Securities Market to the Taiwan Stock Exchange on December 22, 2016.
Dec 22, 2016

T3EX Global Holdings Corp., Taiwan's first logistics industry holding company, changed its listing from the GreTai Securities Market to the Taiwan Stock Exchange on December 22, 2016, with a stock code 2636. In the future T3EX Global Holdings will achieve a better business performance to share with its investors, enhance the Company's international competitiveness through higher visibility, and continue to focus on corporate governance to be a quality listed company in Taiwan.

T3EX Global Holdings is an all-round logistics holding company. The main businesses of its subsidiaries include comprehensive logistics services such as sea and air freight forwarding, customs declaration, warehousing, inland transportation, supply chain management and e-commerce logistics. Its global operation bases are located in Taiwan, China, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, which cooperate with more than 400 overseas agents to provide customers with complete and comprehensive logistics services.

The 2014 to 2015 annual revenue of T3EX Global Holdings was nearly ten billion NT$, and its EPS remained above NT$2. Its revenue this year has been affected due to the sluggishness of global industries and the international sea and air transport prices being in the doldrums. In the fourth quarter of the traditional off-season, however, reduced ocean shipping and air flights leads to a rise in increased freight, and at the end of the year there is the double-eleven e-commerce promotion and the Lunar New Year shipping effect in domestic logistics. Therefore, the business is not light in the off-season and the revenue scale is expected to be similar to that of last year.

On the outlook of 2017, T3EX Global Holdings will continue its core objective of developing a comprehensive logistics platform, and continue integrating the Group's business:

1. The European and American markets are still the base of international logistics business. The Company will cooperate with its more than 400 overseas agents network to develop international customers. At the same time it will add import logistics bases and establish in China and Hong Kong distribution centers for the Chinese import business of overseas enterprises.

2. In the domestic logistics part of the business, the Company will build an integrated storage and distribution system to integrate the Group's various brand businesses for cross-selling to customers. It will also expand its regional storage center to radiate from the coastal and the Yangtze River region in order to meet the needs of more international customers and become a major import logistics supplier in Greater China.

3. With the rise of global cross-border e-commerce, logistics will become one of the keys to the development and growth of e-commerce, and third-party cross-border logistics will become the future mainstream. With its global agent resources and strong network in Asia, T3EX Global Holdings will actively develop cross-border e-commerce logistics business.

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