Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair launches a responsible and sustainable trade fair concept for 2021
Jul 09, 2020

For the upcoming February 9-13, 2021 edition of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, we are now launching The nude edition – a scaled-down fair concept with a focus on sustainability, safety, solidarity and inspiration, in collaboration with TMF (The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry). The new concept has been formed to support companies that have been hit hard financially by Covid-19 and its effects on society.

For the 71st year in a row, the work to plan for the upcoming Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is in full swing. The fair, which is the world’s largest in terms of Scandinavian design, is visited every year by approximately 40,000 visitors, of which 30 per cent are international guests. Having the financial resources within the industry to make it possible for everyone to participate, together with the need to develop a sustainable concept, has led to the launch of The nude edition.

“Many companies have already been hit hard financially by Covid-19 and we don’t know how long this will last, which means that the need to meet and do business is greater than ever. For the upcoming edition, we have developed a concept for all exhibitors to think about downscaling when it comes to building stands. Our ambition is for The nude edition to be a first step towards a sustainable transition in the industry. As an organiser we take great responsibility when it comes to sustainability,” says Sanna Gebeyehu, Product and Concept Owner, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

“The nude edition is a fair concept with a focus on sustainability in terms of both economics and materials, that includes regulations which make it possible for exhibiting companies to scale down and inspire. The basis for this concept is precisely what Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is known and appreciated for – open stand solutions. There will be room for a lot of variations with the products being in focus. The purpose is to cut costs for exhibitors, and make it possible to carry out the fair in light of the increased need for safety in accordance with The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s (Folkhälsomyndigheten) recommendations,” says Cecilia Nyberg, Project Area Manager, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

In addition to The nude edition, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is investing in the digitalisation of certain parts of the fair to support and supplement the physical meeting place.

For more information, please contact:
Sanna Gebeyehu, Product and Concept Owner, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
+46 (0) 76 -032 81 31