Singapore Startup Applies Artificial Intelligence To Shrimp Farming
Jul 30, 2021

A Singapore startup is taking the possible applications for artificial intelligence and Internet-of-Things a step further and has developed what it calls a “one-stop solution” for shrimp farmers in a first step to “transform aquaculture into science.”

AquaEasy offers a solution that works with sensors, software and various smart processes to monitor and optimise crucial parameters for shrimp farms, for example water quality, feeding and health assessments.

The solution is based on data analysis capabilities using artificial intelligence to apply 21st century digital methods to traditional aquaculture, aiming to reduce costs and risks of shrimp farmers, striving to increase yield and predictability and implement sustainable aquaculture practices.

Remote cloud-based aquaculture control

The process starts with sensors undertaking accurate, fast and reliable measurements of multiple water quality parameters, real-time data which is then processed by a specifically designed software with cloud connectivity and made available on all connected devices. Artificial intelligence-based data analysis additionally provides insights into biomass estimation and growth anomalies of the shrimps.

This allows harvest prediction, feeding optimisation, prevention of failure risks, water quality management and remote monitoring and control, the company says, noting that its solutions has so far been deployed at shrimp farms in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam where shrimp farmers have readily adopted the idea to control their ponds via smartphone.

AquaEasy is supported by German engineering company Bosch through the latter’s newly launched innovation and start-up incubation platform “Grow” which has been set up jointly with the Singapore Economic Development Board’s corporate venture building arm EDB New Ventures and was opened on July 28.