Singapore Named Most Beautiful City In Asia
Nov 15, 2019

Singapore has been named the most beautiful city in Asia and the 11th most beautiful city in the world on a list of 50 cities globally compiled by Canada-based online travel agency Flight Network.

Topping the list is Paris, followed by New York, London, Venice and Vancouver.

Singapore as the highest-listed Asian city is followed by Tokyo at rank 18, Hong Kong at 24, Hanoi at 37, Seoul at 40, Bangkok at 43, Jaipur at 48 and Beijing at 49. Unfortunately, other Asian metropolises such as Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Manila did not make it on the list.

The results are based on the votes of more than a thousand travel journalists, bloggers and agencies all over the world. They were asked to consider which cities had the best combination of natural and man-made beauty, the balance of nature and architecture, the city culture and the local weather.

Hence, a variety of diverse destinations are featured in the list, from the bustling streets of Dubai to Rome, the historic heart of Italy. Overall, 21 of the world’s most beautiful cities on this list are located in Europe, eight in Asia (ex-Middle East), seven in North America, seven in Latin America, two in Africa, two in Asia-Pacific, two in the Middle East and Istanbul which is spread over both Europe and Asia.

The top 50 most beautiful cities are:

1. Paris, France

2. New York, US

3. London, England

4. Venice, Italy

5. Vancouver, Canada

6. Barcelona, Spain

7. Cape Town, South Africa

8. San Francisco, US

9. Sydney, Australia

10. Rome, Italy

11. Singapore, Singapore

12. Lisbon, Portugal

13. Amsterdam, Netherlands

14. Prague, Czech Republic

15. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

16. Budapest, Hungary

17. Istanbul, Turkey

18. Tokyo, Japan

19. Vienna, Austria

20. Buenos Aires, Argentina

21. Toronto, Canada

22. San Diego, US

23. Quebec City, Canada

24. Hong Kong, China

25. Chicago, US

26. Bruges, Belgium

27. Madrid, Spain

28. Havana, Cuba

29. Dubai, UAE

30. Jerusalem, Israel

31. Edinburgh, Scotland

32. Quito, Ecuador

33. Zurich, Switzerland

34. Cusco, Peru

35. St Petersburg, Russia

36. Berlin, Germany

37. Hanoi, Vietnam

38. Queenstown, New Zealand

39. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

40. Seoul, South Korea

41. Dubrovnik, Croatia

42. San Sebastian, Spain

43. Bangkok, Thailand

44. Cartagena, Colombia

45. Dublin, Ireland

46. Marrakesh, Morocco

47. Bergen, Norway

48. Jaipur, India

49. Beijing, China

50. Athens, Greece