SEO Dos & Don'ts | Advice From The Newsroom Experts
Sep 04, 2015

With the updates in Google's search algorithm, it has very clearly been going in one direction - to get people to focus less about link building strategies and more about creating quality content that people want to read and share. And this is something we believe strongly in!

At Mynewsdesk, we continuously build on a product that can help increase SEO, not just with organic traffic but also with its mobile-responsive design, it offers better user experiences. To maximise exposure, interest and engagement, we turned to our product developers for their advice. What better way, than to hear from the folks who have gotten their hands dirty!

Here's a list of dos and don'ts....


DON'T use too many links in text.

DON'T be keywords focused. Remember, your audiences are human! Reading the same selling keyword in every sentence gets insanely boring, and quite honestly, annoying. Write naturally, for humans - not for robots!

DON'T publish the same content twice. That goes for images as well. If you want to use existing images, use it as a web image or relate the published image to the news!

DON'T write very long titles! Keep titles no more than about 60 characters long. Search engines work differently most of the time they don't show more than 60 - 70 characters in the search result.

DON'T write uninformative titles.

DON'T abuse links - no article should need more than 10. If you end up with more, think again!


DO make sure your website is optimised for mobile. Google now looks at websites and rewards those that are mobile-friendly with better rankings

DO use related material, it increases your chances of being found by crawlers (in a good way)

DO set up links to your own website in your newsroom settings - this will create high quality inbound links to your website, thus building your company's website SEO!

DO use unique titles for all of your articles, be it images, blog posts or press releases. Duplicate titles are frowned upon!

DO publish frequently and regularly. The more material you have, the more chance you have of getting discovered by search engines.

DO use the "Summary" box for every release - it will act as the meta description for that page. Keep the summary selling, matches found in both title and summary will show higher in search results.

DO publish descriptive names to images and use unique headlines (don't use same headline for release and image)

DO focus on content, write for humans, link relevantly and helpfully.

DO use tags - we use tags to set up meta keywords!

DO use both CNAME and iframe if you have a Hosted Newsroom. Adding the CNAME will mean that the material is indexed on your domain, and therefore is search visible. It will still be the pretty framed version which will show, as the CNAME redirects to the iframe.