Saerom Cosmetics PYEONAN Dyes Premature Greying of Hair Healthily and Naturally
May 21, 2019

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PYEONAN, a hair brand of Saerom Cosmetics Co., Ltd. that is dedicated to developing hair cosmetics in Korea, provides a solution for troublesome premature greying of hair with 14 ingredients derived from nature.

‘PYEONAN Easy-to-Use Speedy Hair Dye’ for premature greying of hair allows users to complete dyeing in 5 minutes in a convenient and safe manner. The hair dye is a single-use pack that combines coloring substance and medium. When users squeeze the hair dye out of a tube and rub it on hair, it mixes with rich foam and users can complete dyeing when they wash their hair after 5 minutes.

Containing beneficial ingredients, in addition to coloring substance, such as nature-derived extracts including Chinese liquorice for calming down scalp, ginseng that improves health of scalp by keeping balance of skin, acorus calamus and cnidium officinale makino that supply nutrition and luster to hair, ‘PYEONAN Easy-to-Use Speedy Hair Dye’ minimizes stimulation on hair and scalp.

“I frequently dye my hair as I hate to see grey hair grows. It is highly burdensome to spare time to go to a beauty parlor, and to care hair texture damaged by frequent dyeing,” said a working woman in her forties.

“Consumers are able to use PYEONAN with confidence as it can dye hair in natural color without damaging hair,” said Kim Eun-ho, President of Saerom Cosmetics. “Thanks to word-of-mouth of loyal customers, more prospective future is expected as inquiries on products increase and interest is heightened.”

‘PYEONAN Easy-to-Use Speedy Hair Dye’ comes in 4 different colors including black, dark brown, brown and wine brown, allowing consumers to choose their preferred colors.

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