The popular InnovAction returns for 2017
Mar 02, 2017

The popular InnovAction returns for 2017! This special program allows exhibitors to showcase their most innovative products online at the InnovAction online system, before the show, and in a special exhibit, InnovAction Hub, at the show.

A jury from the national and international industry will also classify the selected products on site and choose the 2017 InnovAction Awards.

InnovAction is a combination of international top brands and creative ideas, and it responds to customer demand for innovations and higher energy-efficient products.

InnovAction Awards 2017 - the most coveted awards in the Sun Protection and Door & Gate industry, presenting high quality products that feature the competitive advantage of innovative ideas and technologies.

A jury from national and international industry of technical experts, journalists, architects, and designers will classify the selected products on site and choose the winners of the 2017 InnovAction Awards in the following categories: innovation quality, market potential and user-friendliness, and product safety.

InnovAction Hub is a special area that showcases integrated indoor and outdoor intelligent solutions for doors and windows.

InnovAction Hub, an interactive and multi-function platform, will launch seven leading global brands, showcasing interoperable indoor and outdoor systems for doors and windows, applied in different environments.

The Silent Gliss Group (founded 1952) is the leading global supplier of high-end window treatment systems and is renowned for its technically advanced long lasting products, its innovation, and its qualified service ability. Silent Gliss designed tracks that could be bent and was the first to operate curtains electrically via push-button control.

Today Silent Gliss offers all kinds of window treatments. Its continual search for innovative ideas in the world of window treatment constantly produces new products.

Silent Gliss Leather Venetian Blind System is a combination of two traditions and two cultures united in an original idea, providing the best of refinement for elegant solar protection. Leather slats offer the ultimate in luxury and style. Available in over 30 colors, these textured leather slats are finished with nickel eyelets with matching or contrasting stitching. The sheer quality and attention to detail of these blinds will make a design statement in any home. The mono-controlled blind allows the slats to be tilted and raised using a single cord, avoiding the need for multiple cords. This unique system boasts a "continuous drop" feature. With a single, slight pull on the operating cord, the slats slowly and steadily drop down in one movement.

Lutron Electronics presents its battery-operated wireless roller shades

Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven company with a long history of significant growth and smart innovations. Lutron is still the only company that creates systems of dimmers and motorized window shades that control electric light and daylight. In almost 50 years of innovation, Lutron has invented hundreds of lighting control devices and systems. The company continues to lead the market in high-quality lighting controls, including window shade technologies for the control of daylight, as well as wired and wireless systems to integrate the control of both daylight and electric light.

Lutron’s battery-operated wireless roller shade provides silent and precise control of daylight. Its wireless design is perfect for retrofit projects, requiring no wiring and no need to damage interior walls or ceilings. Installation can be done easily for instant use. A wide variety of fabrics are available in different colors and patterns, from sheer, translucent, to opaque.

Lutron also offers different shading systems, such as Kirbe Drapery, Curtain Track Systems, Pleated Shades, Roman Shades, Venetian Shades, Honeycomb Shades, and more.

To preview the battery-operated wireless roller shade, click here:

Nice, the well-known Italian company, brings Nice Era Inn, a versatile system of interior blinds.

Founded in the early 1990s, Nice designs and produces automation systems for gates, garage doors, road barriers, awnings, and shutters for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as alarm and electronic control systems, combining technological innovation and design to offer products that are extremely simple to use.

Nice Era Inn is a complete, advanced, and versatile system for the automation of interior blinds, which can boost energy efficiency in all indoor environments while guaranteeing an extremely high level of quietness. Thanks to the Era Inn system, natural light can be managed in a smart and easy way, and adjusted according to preferences. The Nice Era Inn system is silent, precise, safe, and compatible with a wide range of user-friendly control systems. Designed for seamless integration with other technologies, a new modular control unit concept guarantees maximum flexibility and space optimization adapting perfectly to all kinds of needs, even in the most advanced buildings. Communication between modules is based on a system of connectors placed on the side of each module, with no need for additional wiring.

Warema Sunshading Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will showcase WMS WebControl EVB

The Warema brand stands for quality, variety, service, sustainability, and partnership. Combined with more than 60 years of experience in the development, production, and sale of sun-shading products and control systems made in Germany, the company established its position as the leading “sunlight manager.” The Warema group has more than 3,400 employees, all working towards the success of our business.

Warema focuses on close collaboration between technical specialists and management from all business areas and an honest relationship with customers and suppliers.

The WMS WebControl EVB is a convenience app (iOS/Android) for smart homes. It won the worldwide recognized Red Dot Award in 2014.

The app allows you to control the tilting of blinds in various positions during the day. This provides users with glare-free reading or working at the computer, and it transports light towards the back of the room for energy and cost savings. Besides that, it increases the users’ well-being and comfort at home.

A main feature of the WMS WebControl EVB is its one-time purchase fee, not monthly or yearly fees. The app also works offline; any external server is required. Last but not least, the app is safe, since personal login data is not communicated externally, and integration into existing networks is possible as an add-on component.

Hörmann KG will reveal its intelligent remote control

The Hörmann Group is Europe's leading supplier of doors. More than 15 million doors have been produced and delivered worldwide since its founding in 1935. More than 6,000 employees in 26 specialized factories in Europe, North America, and Asia develop and produce high-quality doors, hinged doors, frames, and operators for use in private and commercial properties. The leadership of this family company has been attained through decades of continuous growth as a result of innovation, ensured quality, and proximity to the customer. In this year’s InnovAction display, Hörmann will showcase three innovative products.


Hörmann fire-resistant doors provide decades of quality, protection, and safety. All Hörmann’s fire-resistant doors meet Chinese standards and are designed, produced, and serviced strictly adhering to ISO 9001 requirements. Hörmann’s fire-rated doors are installed with complete focus on safety. Hörmann’s doors offer an exquisite appearance. This is particularly important where it is necessary to fit doors with varying dimensions on the same floor of a building. By offering both aesthetics and optimum fire protection, Hörmann satisfies the needs of architects, developers, and authorities alike. Thus, Hörmann fire-rated doors are often the standard in the fire areas of industrial and public buildings, apartment compounds, hospitals, and airports.


Intelligent remote control

Hörmann is dedicated to technologies that enhance the quality of life. The BiSecur app updates the current status of customers’ doors anytime, anywhere. The door can be easily opened and closed once the app is activated. After downloading the BiSecur app on a mobile phone or tablet system, users can open the entrance door, garage door, or gate easily with a mobile phone or tablet. The app also displays the position of customer’s garage door and gate, which can be checked remotely in real time.

Users simply register their gateway and their smart phone or tablet on the BiSecur webpage for internet-powered control anywhere in the world. One-time registration is convenient and performed with the highest security of your data.

Constant Temperature

Thanks to its sections with thermal breaks and special seals for the building structure and floor, Hörmann’s ISO Speed Cold is the optimum solution for areas with high temperature differences. Used as a high-speed door in cold-storage areas or to save energy in production and distribution areas, the ISO Speed Cold remains impervious to thermal loss.

The ISO Speed Cold features steel sections with rigid foam (PU) and a thermal break on the inside and outside. Additional lintel and bottom seals help to achieve excellent thermal insulation value (UP = 0.24 W/[m2·K]). The ThermoFrame separates the frame from the building structure. The thermal break, including additional seals, ensures excellent thermal insulation and provides optimal corrosion protection for the side frame.

WindowTech Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will display a special fly-screen called Polltec

Together with Neher (a German company established in 1973), WindowTech is launching the Polltec, a German invention for screen windows. Since 2008, the product has become successful on the European market because of its unique and effective anti-dust features and its capacity to absorb haze and other micro-particles. These micro-particles will stay outside, and you can finally breathe deeply again. The textile stitches are elongated, allowing air to pass through. The special coating of the polyester fabric will help to absorb the particles and prevent them from coming inside.

The product gained an independent certification from the European Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and won several awards.

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