Over 100 Experts Gather in Shanghai to Showcase Sustainability and Smart Retailing Best Practice
Dec 06, 2019

SHANGHAI, Dec 6, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Mainetti Group is proud to host the Sustainability & Smart Retailing Meeting 2019 in Shanghai, China, supported by the RFID General Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association, 3M, BASF and SAB.

The summit will bring together local retailers, importers, buyers and manufacturers to converse with forefront experts in the fields of sustainable materials, sustainable finance, sustainable retail solutions and technologies such as RFID, cloud computing, retail transformation, and supply chain management.

Participants will discover how leading companies and brands are enhancing both customer experience and operational efficiency by harnessing new technologies and solutions, as well as sustainability programs, to have a positive impact on the environment and echo with customers' demand. Within China, these solutions will also help brands align with evolving government policy, as Shanghai and other Chinese cities implement mandatory waste sorting and mandate more recycling and sustainable manufacturing.

Roberto Peruzzo, CEO of Mainetti, said, "As well-informed consumers and policymakers demand more action on waste and environmental impact, Mainetti has been working hard with its ecosystem of partners and experts to utilize the best ideas, technology and solutions to put its customers in a market-leading position. We look forward to showcasing these solutions in Shanghai."

Paul Tai, Regional Director of Mainetti added, "Our suite of sustainability solutions encompasses biodegradable, compostable packaging and digital tracking for bricks and mortar retailing and e-commerce. Our cost-effective RFID solutions can also help customers monitor their supply chains and storefronts in real-time. The Sustainability & Smart Retailing Meeting 2019 will demonstrate how these solutions are being implemented across the Greater China region."

About Mainetti

Founded in 1961, Mainetti is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of packaging for the fashion industry and a leading provider of smart retail solutions, with a presence in 49 countries. Working in partnership with its clients, which include many of the world's premier retail brands, Mainetti's sustainable products and solutions accelerates and enhances the sales process while controlling business costs. For more information, please visit www.mainetti.com.

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