New 3D printing techniques for Teeth Addressed at AEEDC Dubai
Feb 09, 2017

Dubai --(ASIA TODAY)-- United Arab Emirates, 8th of February 2017: AEEDC Dubai Conference and Exhibition continued on its 2nd day at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre with a number of scientific activities that have attracted a huge number of dental students, dental specialists, industry leaders and professionals. AEEDC Exhibition has also witnessed a huge turnaround of visitors who were introduced to the latest medical devices, technologies and equipment displayed by leading companies in the dental field.

The second day of the AEEDC Dubai Conference featured a number of scientific activities including the 14th Global Scientific Dental Alliance Meeting, which gathered more than 130 representatives and directors of dental associations from more than 92 countries. The meeting was presided by Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani the Executive Chairman of AEEDC Dubai Conference and Exhibition and the GSDA, and Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Scientific Consultant of the Executive Board of Council for the Health Ministers of the GCC States and the Scientific Chairman Global Scientific Dental Alliance, Dr. Nasser Al-Malik, Scientific Chairman of AEEDC Dubai and Dr. Tariq Khoory, Honorary Chairman of AEEDC Dubai and a number of dignitaries.

The conference has resumed its scientific sessions that has reached to 170 lectures presented by 150 speakers. Dr. Nasser Al Malik, AEEDC Conference Scientific Chairman, explained that the sessions are abundant with case studies and experiments showing great success in compensating the teeth using 3D printing techniques (also known as additive manufacturing). He added, "Over the course of 2 days, the conference will run for the first time the Digital Dentistry Society Symposium which discusses in great detail the findings of recent experiments in the field of dental printing, using 3D print technology."

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Al Malik stated, "The new 3D tooth printing allows scanning the mouth of the patient to capture its dimensions. Then the dimensions are directly transferred to the lab to print a new tooth to be implanted within 48 hours."

"The 3D scanning of the infected tooth; a technique that allows the doctor to see with great accuracy the tooth, identifies the exact part to begin treating," he added.

The conference also highlights actual case studies that have proven successful in treating dental diseases, using stem cells.

He pointed out that these experiments - first tested on animals such as rabbits and rats, showed great results. The new treatment is based on removing the infected part in the tooth, followed by implanting stem cells in the teeth itself. Those cells are usually taken from the teeth, spinal marrow, or the patient's bone.

Al Malik mentioned that the new stem cells therapy helps in the natural growth of the teeth, minimizing the need for using traditional materials to compensate the affected parts of the tooth.

AEEDC Dubai 2017 has also featured the 8th AEEDC Student Competition which has attracted this year 10 universities that included: Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, Alfarabi College of Dentistry and Nursing, Imam Abdulrahman Alfaisal University, Gulf Medical University, RAK College of Dental Sciences, University of Sharjah, Umm Al-Qura University, King Khalid University, King Abdulaziz University, and Oman Dental College.

The UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC Dubai 2017) will continue until 9th of February, and it is organized by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions, a member of INDEX Holding. It is worth mentioning that Dubai Health Authority, INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions (an ADA CERP recognized provider), and Arab Academy for Continuing Dental Education accredit AEEDC Dubai Conference.

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