Networking, it is about them, not you
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Oct 11, 2019

Networking is one of the most effective ways to build a business. Meet people you've never met before. There was a time when networking is started and done face to face. However, during these periods when technology is our 'best friend,' networking is started online. The Internet has made networking so much easier because now, we can set up a meeting simply through email and professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn.

Although there are no exact rules and guidelines to socialize, we should behave in acceptable manners and respect others. So, how do networking effectively? Find similarity with them. What is the one thing that interests you and others? It could be books, movies, or activities.

Pay attention to your body language when you talk to others; how you stand and where your hands are. Make eye contact and be conscious of your facial expression. Give others your attention and be present in the conversation. Always remember that body language signals people whether you are interested. Networking is about THEM , not about you.

Online Networking

When you reach out to someone online, find the person behind the "person". Make it personal by using the word "you" as the first or beginning of the sentence, not "I". What about THEM that makes you reach out to THEM ? Be smart, genuine and authentic with your message.

Acknowledge the time difference when you have a call with someone who is not in the same city or country as you(location awareness).

Do you remember that video where a kid walked in on her father during BBC interviews? Things do happen, but you can always prepare ahead by booking a room or locking the door. Find a quiet place with no or little background noises. Believe me that it is such a nuisance to the other end on the call! If you are having a voice call, you cannot tell whether a person is smiling or nodding. Hence why one must make a verbal response for the other party to know what the feedback is.

Why do we have to care about behaving online and show good manners? Because everything is done online these days; interviews, meetings, webinars, etc. If we don't adjust, we'd be left behind. One golden rule is to NOT ghost people online. Be responsive and honest. People appreciate honesty over being ghosted. To digitally disappear is leaving someone in the lurch, it’s rude, poor behaviour and unprofessional.

We are all still learning things by doing. If you think you are up to learn new things, I am ready to guide you through training and coaching to reach your goals. Be it soft skills, emotional intelligence, protocol, networking, business etiquette, I can adjust and create a program just for you and your team.

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