NCH Looks Forward to Another 100 Years With 100 CSRs on Its Centennial Year
Apr 18, 2019

April 18, 2019 10:59 AM Hong Kong Time - MANILA, Philippines--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NCH Asia is proud to share its contribution to “NCH Cares”-one of the biggest worldwide corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects of NCH Corporation in its history. NCH Corporation, a manufacturer of product and equipment maintenance solutions was founded in 1919 in Dallas, Texas. At the beginning of this year, NCH launched a collective effort for all its 55 subsidiaries worldwide to contribute and actively volunteer for two CSRs programs to 100 non-profit organizations. Its goal is to have a historic 100 community service projects completed by the end of 2019. The effort led by Sophie Zuckerman, granddaughter of the founding leaders, is to celebrate “NCH’s 100 years, 100 More” with its associates engaged in meaningful and inspiring service.

In Asia Region, NCH Philippines participated by preparing 100 seedlings at Haribon Foundation’s Buhay Punlaan last Feb 2019. The goal is to help repopulate Philippine forests with endemic species of trees that will help the countryside adapt and climate changes better. The local effort was led by Philippine country manager, Rod Arellano, and was joined by managers and sales teams. All seedlings prepared are housed at Buhay Punlaan, a nursery of native trees at the Caliraya-Lumot Watershed in Lumban, Laguna and these will be replanted at key sites later in the year.

Worldwide, over 30 community service projects have already been undertaken by NCH companies in the different regions, like the US and South America, Europe and Asia on this year’s first quarter alone, with over 100 hours of services.

In Asia alone, NCH Asia Regional managers, NCH Asia Operations Team, NCH Philippines, NCH Korea, NCH Japan, NCH India, NCH Thailand and NCH Australia have participated in various community services to fulfill NCH Cares’ program so far. And NCH Malaysia will have rubbish clean up services and NCH Taiwan will join Taiwan Fund for Children and Family in coming June.

NCH Cares seeks to inspire all associates that together the company has reached 100 years by giving 100% in all products and services, and going onward to another 100 years by giving the best service to each other and the community.

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