Mynewsdesk Donates €50 Per Employee towards Refugee crisis
Sep 10, 2015

At Mynewsdesk, we have always believe that communications has the power to change the world.

With the catastrophic refugee crises taking place right now, Mynewsdesk has decided to turn the worldwide conversation into real action. This year, Mynewsdesk will be donating our entire employee Christmas fund to the Red Cross. For every employee we have, €50 will donated.

The Red Cross is deployed along the escape routes - from the war in Syria to the Mediterranean beaches. Thousands of volunteers have been handing out emergency aid packages such as food, water, sleeping bags, hygiene and baby supplies.

We can all take actions to make a difference in this world.

We encourage all companies and individuals to do what they can to contribute to alleviating the suffering of thousands of men, women and children in need.