The Mobile Revolution Is Spreading Across Asia
Nov 29, 2016

The mobile landscape is really affecting Asia – at least most parts of the continent – in more ways than one. The most active Twitter city is still Jakarta, Indonesia. Facebook is huge in different parts of South East Asia, while mobile device penetration is at its highest this year in select regions across the continent. This mobile revolution is being led by top CEOs from companies like Apple, Alphabet, and even Starbucks.

Apple is a very interesting case. Its CEO, Tim Cook, is the idol of many of those pursuing an executive online MBA degree. In a recent release, Washington State University stated that Tim Cook is a bit different in running Apple, favoring openness instead of secrecy and focusing more on improving the mobile experience without necessarily changing it. He has also made Apple a more charitable company in recent years.

You can learn more about The Mobile Revolution and the CEOs leading the movement from Washington State University’s complete infographic.

Washington State University Online