MFTM 2013 to Take Place in Qingdao in August
Aug 01, 2013

As the forefront and the core of modern standardization fabrication technology, the modular fabrication technology becomes increasingly advantageous and is of decisive significance in handling offshore and onshore projects featured by complex structure, high-density equipment, multi-integrated systems, high technological requirements and sophisticated technologies.

With the ever expanding of fabrication fields and constant improvement of fabrication and management capability in recent years, the modular fabrication technology has become an indispensable main business of the fabrication sector. The successful fabrication of modular projects, including Koniambo Nickel Project, Gorgon LNG Project and Ichthys LNG Project, has further demonstrated the obvious achievements made by COOEC in this field.

In order to promote the rapid growth of modular business of Offshore Oil Engineering Corporation COOEC, summarize the experience from previous projects and also understand the latest technologies, information and project management methods of project modular fabrication in the world to constantly improve our modular fabrication level, we schedule to hold the MFTM 2013 in August this year in Qingdao.

We expect to take this opportunity to gather the experts both at home and abroad and explore key such issues as project planning and design, resource optimization, project execution and coordination among the contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to further improve the comprehensive level of modular fabrication of COOEC.

For detailed information about MFTM 2013, please visit the official website of COOEC: or consult the organizer of MFTM 2013, BMC China Exhibition Co., Ltd.