"Meet Finland in Singapore" Week brings new healthtech and immersive technology opportunities for Singapore businesses and start-ups
Oct 12, 2018

- Virtual Finland and 3-D education concepts wowed visitors
- Healthtech innovations using Big Data and AI drew strong interest

SINGAPORE, October 12, 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- The recent “Meet Finland in Singapore” Week ended on a positive, upbeat note. It has drummed up significant interest among the business and investing community.

It has opened up new Singapore-Finland collaboration opportunities in healthtech, travel tech, edutech and Virtual Reality and Augmented innovations.

Ms Kadri Haljas, Chief Executive Officer of Triumf Health, a Finnish Healthtech startup company remarked : "The Finland super-week in Singapore was organized incredibly well so it was a pleasure to take part in those events!" Our participation in the panel discussions, meetings and presentation of our healthcare gaming solution at the various receptions and Finland booths helped us receive a lot of attention from journalists, hospitals, investors, with whom we are following for potential deals, future research and collaboration”.

Triumf Health was part of the single largest Finnish delegation of more than 10 heatlhtech companies to visit Singapore to attend this Finnish business and tech event from Sept 12 to 19!

The Embassy of Finland in Singapore, Business Finland and Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Turku brought in a total of 120 Finnish delegates comprising innovators and tech companies to promote awareness and business collaboration between Finland and Singapore.

The key themes on healthtech, traveltech, edutech as well as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) innovations were on display which saw over 400 participants in attendance.

The Finnish ambassador to Singapore, Ms Paula Parviainen said, “Singapore is a smart nation, and a lucrative market for solutions in health tech/AR VR. Both countries recognise the need to create efficient ways of taking care of the aging population and developing new innovative solutions in entertainment and travel using AR/VR technologies to cater to the changing lifestyle and rising expectations of consumers.”

Networking events, dialogue and investor receptions as well as the "Coolest tech hub" booth at the SLUSH Singapore, and the Finnish Singapore showcase at Techinnovation 2018 had drawn significant interest among the investing and business communities in Singapore.

Several enabling and ready-to-market technologies in health and wellness found ready demand in Singapore as the country seeks to adopt Smart Health solutions to deliver enhanced healthcare services more effectively and efficiently to the public.

Meria Heikelä director of Finland’s National Personalized Health Program commented on the opening of the Finnish healthtech dialogue session. “Big data and analytics have presented Singapore and Finland with many opportunities to deliver solutions for personalised healthcare.

“In healthcare, there is increasing pressure to produce services more cost-efficiently and offer more patient-centric and tailored towards personalized care. We are therefore very pleased to work with Singapore to create solutions for personalized patient-centric care pathways that consider the special needs of patients”

The iCory project is funded by Business Finland and backed by a consortium comprising Finnish health and wellness companies, universities and hospitals. The iCory ecosystem, which included Finnish healthtech firms such as Triumf Health, seeks to create intelligent and coherent patient-centric solutions for surgery pathways by using latest technologies such as machine learning and robotics for personalization.

Finnish participants of the iCory project are exploring collaboration with two hospitals in Singapore: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) and National University Hospital (NUH).

Said Ms Kadri Halijas, Triumf's CEO said, "Some markets are not ready for digital health solutions, but Singapore is definitely one of the leaders in the world. Also, the fact that the top management that we met specifically pointed out the importance of psychological support in disease management is unique in the global context. To summarize, I would say that the meeting with the leadership team of Singapore health organisations was highly beneficial for us as we saw that we would be a good fit in Singapore."

Finnish AR and VR innovators transform entertainment and travel Virtual Finland, Virtual travel and 3-D education using AR and VR tools have impressed visitors. A total of six startups in the areas of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and Traveltech showcased their tech

Helsinki-headquartered VR company, Zoan, gave visitors a preview of Helsinki, its digital buildings - i.e. apartments and commercial spaces before they are built; and a virtual tour of Finland!

Mr Miikka Rossendahl, CEO and founder of ZOAN, an AR/VR technology company offering powerful VR and real time 3D experiences for marketing, travel and education, said, "We were impressed with the opportunities that we had in Singapore to showcase our unique solutions to potential investors and partners. We also got much media attention for our unique VR showcase.

“Our Virtual Finland solution can let visitors see and experience the wonders of our country without even physically being there. Immersive technologies like ours will transform not just design for architecture and real estate development but also travel - especially for those who have physical limitations!"

Other innovative start-ups in the traveltech sector include Virtual Traveller and Tripsteri. Virtual Traveller allows visitors to travel the world "at the blink of the eyes" and gain flight points via a VR travel experience while Tripsteri is a trend-setting travel app for avid frequent travellers to book, plan, network, share views and enjoy their trips.

Another company, Grip3D, uses AR/VR modelling to transform learning especially for the young. The concept of 3D-Education and new AR/VR tools were shared with visitors who were keen to explore how these can be applied to enhance learning as well as teaching.

Food packaging technology company, Koepala also showcased new eco-friendly packaging concepts for the fast-food industry. It’s Innovation Director, Mr Janne Asikainen, said “We benefited from a great amount of exposure, from being interviewed live on radio to presenting our sustainable packaging solutions at specifically arranged platforms and meetings. The activities in Singapore has enabled us to gain key market knowledge and contacts that include potential partners and investors, setting up the stage for us to start working in the Singapore market very soon”.

On the slew of activities held during the week, Ambassador Paula Parviainen said, "From the positive feedback received, our Meet Finland in Singapore platform certainly offers excellent opportunities for Finnish and Singapore companies to exchange innovative ideas, seal partnerships and explore new collaborations. We are optimistic that more business deals and even closer working relationships will flourish in the years to come."

About Finland
Finland believes in equality, democracy and taking good care of each other. Good education is the cornerstone of our society. These are the reasons why we are on the top of all kinds of country rankings from clean air to quality of life.

Finland is functional. We look for practical solutions and deliver innovations to both industries and everyday life of people. Finland is green. We have fresh air, pure water, green forests, clean energy and clean technology. Our Nordic nature has inspired us to look for well-designed and sustainable solutions.

Finland is educated. All Finns have equal opportunities to study and learn. Thanks to our world class education system, we find joyful solutions to both local and global challenges

About City of Helsinki
Helsinki, the most functional and sustainable city in the world, built on social cohesion, famous for its design and high-tech, committed to bringing people together through authentic experiences, interesting spaces and nature explorations. A city of fascinating contrasts; peace and pulse, city and nature, light summers and dark winters. Over 460 years of history, several architectural layers and the impact of different periods make the city attractive and unique.

Helsinki provides a platform for entrepreneurship and supports businesses to innovate and create new while remaining sustainable. Joint efforts of the city, its citizens and businesses is turning Helsinki into the world’s leading test bed for solutions that tackle global problems. The unique mix of Helsinki combines functionality, reliability, holistic view on sustainability, arts and culture offerings, hi-tech skills, great use of open data and a comprehensive understanding of human-centric design. All in one compact Nordic city in the happiest nation of the world. Finland.

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