Malaysia's Karex Adds More Spice To Its Condom Portfolio
Aug 23, 2019

Port Klang, Malaysia-based Karex Bhd., the world’s largest condom maker, is living up to its reputation of also being the one of the world’s most innovative producer of rubber contraceptives by offering an array of flavoured condoms in numerous textures.

While the company already spices up the sex life of connoisseurs with condoms flavoured with durian (the tropical fruit with the notorious smell), nasi lemak (a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and green leaves) and teh tarik (a strong brew of black tea blended with condensed milk), it has now come up with another condom series laced with beef rendang flavour, derived from the popular Indonesian spicy red meat dish known for its depth of taste, complexity and many layers of spices.

The rendang condom (“super sensitive”) is the fourth flavour in an iconic, yet limited condom series by Karex under its One brand line. Like the others, it is sold in packs of three at major pharmacies and convenience stores throughout Malaysia and is also exported, namely to Indonesia where such condoms also meet certain demand, including the ones with durian flavour.

But it is not just about the quirkiness.

“The end game is simple – pleasurable sex in a safe, holistic way, which is the ultimate objective of our iconic Malaysian series, now proudly in our fourth year,” said Karex CEO Goh Miah Kiat.

He added that the innovative idea behind the local flavours series is to break the stigma and make people comfortable enough to talk about sex in an educational and beneficial way.

One Condoms, founded in the US, was acquired by Karex in 2013. Apart from the oddly flavoured series, the One brand also offers flavours including chocolate strawberry, banana split, mint chocolate, island punch cocktail, bubblegum and fresh mint, as well as textures such as hyper-thin, super-stud and tattoo-inspired rib designs. Also available are super-size and glow-in-the-dark condoms.

Karex also has other brands under its portfolio which include Carex, Pasante and a bespoke condom label called TheyFit, which offers 66 different condom sizes. Customers can measure their size with a self-printout “FitKit” and then order a perfectly fitting condom online.

Karex is also a contract manufacturer for global condom brands like Durex, Lifestyle and Trustex, as well as for public and private health organisations and NGOs.

According to the Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council, in 2018, local condom producers shipped out $81 million worth of the contraceptives to more than 180 countries worldwide.