KROSS presented new strategy for Europe at Eurobike 2015
Sep 15, 2015

Leading Polish bicycle manufacturer strives for Western Europe with premium products

Friedrichshafen, September 09, 2015 - At Eurobike 2015 (August 26th -29th), the world’s largest trade-fair for the bicycle industry, leading Polish bicycle manufacturer KROSS presented its latest product innovations for the upcoming season. With the new trail bike SOIL and Enduro Moon V3, KROSS has two high-quality bikes in its product portfolio which will help to realize the leap into the Western European market.

Founded in 1990, KROSS is one of the few bicycle manufacturers to produce its high-quality bikes in Europe. This approach allowed the close geographical proximity to the core market Europe and KROSS now exports into 42 different countries. In addition to its home market, the company has an extensive presence particularly in Spain, Italy and Hungary, with key focus to expand into the Benelux countries and Germany. The emphasis for next year lies on establishing the brand within the Western European market with products in the premium segment.

Striking design and outstanding technology creates brand recognition

One main focus of KROSS’ product development is design. The manufacturer wants to attract attention not only by its logo on the frame, but by its own design language and a striking overall appearance of the bikes. “Our goal is that our customers recognize the brand from the bicycle’s design. A high technological expenditure and a design language that corresponds to our philosophy make our bicycles unique. High demand on quality and optimal performance of the models build our foundation, even in the most demanding markets”, states Marketing Manager Arkadiusz Trzcinsk during the press conference at the Eurobike.

Two years ago, KROSS started to develop the SOIL which is specially designed for trail areas. Through its sophisticated technology and thoughtful design, the SOIL enjoys a high level of recognition within the European market. The special suspension and the possibility to change the geometry of the frame make the trail bike easily recognizable. KROSS’ own-developed frame allows two different angle settings. The default setting, the so-called "T-Trail" position, makes the SOIL an extremely versatile bike. Due to a flat steering angle of 68 degrees and a seating angle of 76 degrees, the cyclist is able to pedal efficiently and maneuver easily. In this position, the bottom bracket is also increasing, making it less susceptible to roots and stones.

The essence of the bike changes in the "Ex-Trail" setting. By modified steering and seat angles, plus the resulting lowered center of gravity, the bike is also ideal for downhill rides, overcoming obstacles easily with high stability even at high speeds. The Enduro MOON V3 is the result of consistent further development. The new MOON 27.5” was presented at Eurobike with three different trim levels, coming from KROSS’ own research and development department. In addition to new components and improved driving stability, reduced weight ensures a convincing overall performance. The new spring system RVS (Revo Virtual suspension) is extremely efficient and responds quickly to the respective underground. For the upcoming season, KROSS focuses on disc brakes on almost all product lines.

Sport, passion, technology

KROSS is not only a manufacturer of bicycles, but the company identifies with the bicycle sport to 100%. An important segment of the polish company is the KROSS Racing Team, home of Maja Włoszczowska, winner of the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing. The passion for cycling is rooted amongst all employees who benefit from their own experience when developing premium products. The manufacturer’s technology relies on best materials, own designs and experienced engineers to develop not only customer, but also market-oriented products. New projects are examined using 3D technology in KROSS’ own laboratory and extensively tested by both the racing team and employees.

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KROSS is the leading bicycle manufacturers in Poland and one of the largest in Europe, currently distributing to 42 countries worldwide. KROSS’ passion and commitment is evident in its products—modern technologies and knowledge allow the manufacturer to pay special attention to every detail. The entity not only intends to create convenient means of transport or sports equipment, but also enchanting visual designs. Currently, KROSS is focusing on advancing its line of Enduro, mountain and road sports bikes.

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