Korean Children Unhappiest Among 15 Nations
The Chosun Ilbo
May 20, 2015

Korean children are unhappy with their bodies, outlook and academic achievement and score the lowest on a happiness scale among 15 countries.

Save the Children and the Seoul National University Social Welfare Research Center questioned some 50,000 children in 15 countries including European nations like Germany, Spain and the U.K.

To the question "How happy were you for the last two weeks?," Korean children gave 7.4 to 8.2 points on a scale of 10, the lowest score.

They were also the least satisfied with themselves. Their happiness with their outlook was 7.2 points; their satisfaction with their bodies 7.4 points; and their satisfaction with academic achievement 7.1 points.

The average in the 15 countries was 8.4 points, 8.5 points, and 8.1 points.

Prof. Lee Bong-ju at SNU said, "Korean children seem to be less satisfied with their outlook and school grades because they're demoralized by constantly being compared with others as they trying to live up to the standards set by parents and society."

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