Konkuk University-One Asia Convention, "Community Education Is More Important in Times of Division and Conflict"
Aug 08, 2019

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--One Asia Convention Seoul 2019, organized by Konkuk University and the One Asia Foundation and sponsored by the Seoul City, was held at Lotte Hotel Seoul on August 5th to 6th.

At this year’s One Asia Convention, more than 650 scholars from 325 universities in 32 Asian countries and 250 professors from 90 universities in Korea participated to discuss how education can contribute to peace under the theme of 'Education and Peace' and empathized with Asian communities that living together without state and ethnic discrimination.

The One Asia Foundation is a non-profit private organization established in 2009 by Yoji Sato, the third-generation entrepreneur of Korean Japanese (former Chairman of Japan Dainam Holdings), who contributed 100 billion Korean won aiming at the establishment of Asian community of 3.5 billion people in 40 countries including Central Asia beyond EU model. It has been carrying out various activities such as economic, cultural citizen exchange. In particular, in order to enhance the global capacity of university students toward the world and to foster their sense of community among Asians, the lecture named 'Asian Community Theory' at each university that empathizes with the purpose of the One Asia Foundation was opened and offers liberal arts education and is currently being operated by 390 universities in over 40 countries.

At the opening ceremony, President Sanggi Min said "It is a fact that Asia is one of the most remarkable areas in the world in various fields such as politics, economy, society and culture. However, it is also true that when we look at the modern history of Asia, Asia has not surpassed the wall of each country,” and added “I hope that we will be able to share the commonality of Asia, extend cross-border exchanges and cooperation, and become a touchstone of Asia."

On the 5th, the first day of the convention, followed by keynote speeches by Ban Ki-moon, a former UN Secretary-General and Yukio Hatoyama, a former Japanese Prime Minister, at the round table, moderated by Sang-Jung Kang, an Honorary Professor of University of Tokyo, presentation and discussion took place by Sunaryo Kartadinata, former President of Indonesian University of Education, Namsoo Seo, former Minister of Education, Yoji Sato, Chairman of One Asia Foundation. On the 6th, sessions were divided into 4. Professors from various Asian countries shared the lecture on ‘Asian Community’ and discussed the future of Asia in various fields such as politics, economics, environment & social matters, history, education, thought, philosophy & religion, culture, arts, media & others.

In early August of each year, the One Asia Foundation invites professors from universities that have the lecture ‘Asian Community', to cities in Asia to share their research results and teaching experiences, and to discuss better ways for the Asian community.

The One Asia Convention, starting from the first Tokyo convention in 2011, was held in Incheon, Bandung of Indonesia, Jeju Island, Shanghai of China, Phnom Penh of Cambodia, Nagoya of Japan, and Hanoi of Vietnam. It is an event where professors and experts from all over Asia gather to exchange and share knowledge and information.

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