Khawaja Holdings Expands into the United Kingdom
Jul 20, 2020

NEW DELHI -- Khawaja Holdings, a multinational holding company, is opening a new office in the United Kingdom to invest in new and growing businesses.

CEO Ahmad Khawaja recently began the rollout of a global expansion plan to bring Khawaja Holdings to new continents and territories, expanding on their previous industries of focus to promote the success and visions of growing companies.

The United Kingdom has a population of over 66 million and a GDP of $2.855 Trillion. As new industries emerge, as do new businesses with great potential.

“There are so many new companies and services that can improve the quality of life for those in the UK and abroad. We want to promote their success and help them grow. We want to help improve the quality of life on every continent,” says Ahmad Khawaja.

The new office will serve as their UK headquarters, and the company plans to expand into European countries very soon.

“The opportunities are limitless. We want to be part of new success stories. We want to play a role in the up and coming businesses of this decade. We’re very excited for this expansion,” Ahmad Khawaja added.

Khawaja Holdings’ business has already begun in the United Kingdom and they plan to open doors at their new office location in just a few weeks.

About Khawaja Holdings:

Khawaja Holdings is a multinational holding company with operations and plans for expansion in nearly every continent. We enable businesses and economies to thrive, allowing entrepreneurs and innovative companies to reach their full potential. Visit

Arjun Annand