Judges Highlight Trends Among the Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Design Mark Winners
Sep 14, 2018

Taipei, TAIWAN --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Golden Pin Design Award 2018 reveals a grand total of 697 Design Mark winners. Among the winning designs, judges point to trends such as sustainability in product design, and culture thinking in communication design. The winning entries came from designers in ten countries and regions including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Poland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Macau.

The Secondary Selection judging concluded in Taipei on September 6, led by a group of sixteen design experts, divided across the four categories according to their individual specialisms. Product design yielded the highest number of Design Mark winners among all the categories, followed by spatial design, then the new communication design and integration design categories. Chinese designers dominated in the product design category, meanwhile Taiwanese designers came out on top in the other three categories, winning 43% of the total Design Mark awards.

All 697 Design Mark winners progress to the Final Selection judging where the 2018 Best Design winners will be chosen. The Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Final Selection judging round will be held on September 20 at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. The Best Design winners will be announced at the Grand Ceremony on November 29.

For the full list of 2018 Design Mark winners, follow this link to the Golden Pin Design Award official website:

Product design

Jury member, LIN PIN-SI, ROGER (Chief Adviser at NOVA Design) observes that the face of this year's award-winning works is quite diverse, and the number of medical, smart, and pet-related products has increased significantly. This partly reflects our aging population and millennial lifestyle demands. Jury member, Gina Hsu (Design Director at Dong Hai Hospital Design Studio) says that there are many great products that aim to transform conventional industries this year. Whether the material of the product emphasizes sustainability is one of the main considerations in her selection.

Communication design

Jury member, Ho chia-hsing (Designer at Timonium Lake Design) feels that the entries reviewed this year are of a high level, which can be seen in the diversity of the works and the variation of values on show. Jury member, Akibo Lee (Curator at akibo works) especially prefers to see designers who express their own cultural characteristics through visual communication. He believes that in the era of globalization, design increases in value when it visualizes culture.

Spatial design

Jury member, Effie Huang (Design Director at EHS ArchiLab) points to a trend in minimal decorative styles, as opposed to an accumulation of objects that was common to see in the past. She reflects this trend on the rise of contemporary individualism. Jury member, Johnny Chiu (Founder of J.C. Architecture) appreciates design that merges interior and exterior space, creating a sense of spatial transparency. He emphasizes the importance of designing around the lifestyle of the real residents in the space, rather than imitating popular styles or filling the space with a lot of expensive furniture and decoration.

Integration design

Jury member, Ping Chu (Founder of Ripplemaker Foundation) hails the new integration design category as a celebration of ephemeral events in design. He notices a number of the designers attempting to breath new life into archaic cultural practices such as funeral services and traditional crafts. These designers are creating a new economy of experience through culture and tradition. In this new category for 2018, he is looking out for the trailblazers who demonstrate disruptive and revolutionary design.


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