ITRI exhibits its latest display and touch panel technology at Touch Taiwan 2015
Sep 14, 2015

Touch Taiwan, the world's largest touch panel and optical film exhibition, will get underway on August 26 to 28, 2015. ITRI will unveil 23 innovative display and touch panel achievements, ranging from materials and equipment to manufacturing processes, modules and applications. Focusing on the theme "Innovating a Better Future," ITRI's innovations will include on-cell touch AMOLED, out-cell touch AMOLED, Z-fold AMOLED, and rollable AMOLED. ITRI's advanced display technology is helping the Taiwan industry remain at the forefront of new trends in mobile device technology and thus winning application opportunities for next generation displays.

The 2015 Gold Panel Awards will be held the same day as the expo's opening ceremony, and Dr. Janglin Chen, ITRI's Vice President and General Director of Display Technology Center, has been singled out for the "Outstanding Contribution Award.”In the 15 years since the award was introduced, all the winners have been top company executives from the industry, yet Dr. Chen, this year's winner, is the first to come from outside of the industrial community. Under the leadership of Dr. Chen and support from the MOEA's Department of Industrial Technology, ITRI's Display Technology Center has developed many advanced technologies that have garnered worldwide attention such as the recognition of R&D 100 Awards and Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards for its FlexUPTM, i2R, and foldable AMOLED technologies. Meanwhile, the former has been licensed to the FlexUp Technologies Corp., becoming the main product for this new startup.

Dr. Chen stated that the thriving growth of mobile handheld devices in recent years has driven the development of light, thin, shatter resistant, and foldable applications. The increasing popularity of wearable devices has made flexible display technology one of the most critical, with attention especially focused on flexible AMOLED. ITRI's development of flexible AMOLED panel manufacturing technology precisely meets the needs of the market.

ITRI's Latest Touch Technologies

On-cell touch AMOLED technology leads the world
ITRI's FlexUPTM technology is used in the production of foldable OLED and TFT back panels, as well as flexible upper cover plates featuring gas barrier and touch functions. Integrating the unique upper and lower plate technology with the packaging materials of Japan's LINTEC, ITRI has eliminated the interference between the touch screen and AMOLED driver to successfully develop <0.1 mm thick, on-cell touch AMOLED back panels. Such an achievement will foster the development of foldable tablets and other next generation handheld devices. Early in August, ITRI signed an agreement to transfer its foldable AMOLED technology to the Taiwanese flat panel maker, Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd., and in the future the company will gradually introduce increasingly mature technology of this type on its 4.5- generation production line, providing customers with a more diversified range of flat panel products.

Out-cell touch AMOLED creates opportunities in wearable devices

ITRI collaborated with Germany's Heraeus in developing a flexible AMOLED based on its own FlexUPTM technology and Heraeus' transparent PEDOT materials, featuring a flexible touch panel and a bending resistant bonding process. The result has been a flexible, lightweight, and thin out-cell touch AMOLED, which has applications in wearable devices, thereby enhancing the user experience.

Z-fold AMOLED makes folding tablets and phones possible

ITRI is exhibiting a Z-fold AMOLED display with a resolution of full HD (310 ppi) that can be folded both inward and outward, at a bending radius of 5 mm. This will pave the way for novel applications such as foldable tablets and mobile phones.

Rollable AMOLED to become popular for next generation display applications

ITRI has developed a light and thin rollable AMOLED based on its FlexUPTM technology. The unique design of substrate and materials has made it possible for this rollable AMOLED to have a bending radius of 5 mm and thickness of about 0.06 mm. The rollable AMOLED will have future applications in rollable notebooks and rollable screens.

The Gold Panel Awards

The Gold Panel Awards 2015 is held by The Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA). The purpose is to encourage the development of innovative technology and display components that are poised to enhance the market competitiveness and image of Taiwan's display industry in the marketplace. Website:

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