Introducing the World's First Modular Shareable Translator
Apr 03, 2018

Misway Tech announced that the world’s first modular shareable translator Smark that can be split up, shared and used like walkie-talkie opens pre-order to customers around the globe starting today. The Smark system features modular design with one part called Dock, and the other called Block.

The Dock comes with s a 1.54-inch touch display while the Block with wireless protocol to communicate with the Dock. The whole system incorporates Nuance the world’s voice and Natural Language Understanding(NLU) technology leader and Neural Machine Translation(NMT) algorithm.

“While many handheld speech translators on the market provide the same services, we need to think one step further, that’s how to make translation conversation natural and people will feel comfortable to use machine translation.” said Sonic Chan, founder of Misway. “We created Smark to offer an innovative, cost effective, and easy translator with an unparalleled human-machine interactive experience.

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