Incheon Airport hosts, the 2019 Incheon Airport Sky Festival, worlds only comprehensive cultural festival held at an airport
Aug 12, 2019
  • Host a colorful two-day festival at Incheon International Airport Culture Park, ushering in autumn from the 31st of August (Sat) to the 1st of September (Sun)
  • Host SKY EXPO … creating a platform for exchanging culture and information on the themes of aviation and the airport industry

    INCHEON, South Korea, Aug. 12, 2019 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Incheon International Airport Corporation (CEO: Bon-Hwan KOO) announced that it will host the 2019 Incheon Airport Sky Festival for two days from 31st August to 1st September in the vicinity of the Incheon International Airport Culture Park.

    The corporation has hosted the Incheon Airport Sky Festival every autumn since 2004 in order to express gratitude to the travelers and workers stationed at the airport for making the it one of the top five global airports, and to present the beauty of Korean culture to the foreigners passing through the facility. Every year the festival has featured top-tier performers and colorful performances, including elegant crossover music and K-pop which has gained attention across the world, becoming a global-scale outdoor music festival attended by over 30,000 Korean and foreign guests.

    The 2019 Incheon Airport Sky Festival is expected to be the world's only comprehensive cultural festival held at an airport with diverse and rich programs, including: Incheon Airport Korean Wave K-pop Concert presented by top-tier K-pop singers leading the current Korean wave phenomenon; crossover music concert featuring world class performers; SKY EXPO participated by SMEs, start-ups, and social enterprises; SKY FUN experience program for children; Up-cycling festival to transform waste materials; SKY Market with a flea market and food trucks; and SKY Busking with young artists from Incheon.

    On the first day (31st August), the spectacular festival will kick off with a K-pop Incheon Airport Concert at 7:00 pm. At this concert, famous K-pop singers who are leading the Korean wave and loved by Koreans and overseas fans will perform on stage.

    For this K-pop concert under the theme of "K-pop: Connecting the World with the Korean Wave", the Incheon International Airport Corporation is planning to conduct joint-promotional activities together with airlines and travel agencies, and will receive reservations in advance. K-pop fans from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and many other countries will be able to enjoy this exciting event.

    On day two (1st September) at 7:00 pm, a highly entertaining crossover music concert will be held under the subtitle, "Beautiful Harmony in the Sky" featuring splendid performers. This crossover music concert will upgrade the quality of this Sky Festival with magnificent and exciting performances, especially when the world's renowned pianist and composer Steve Barakatt, who is known for numerous popular pieces, such as "Flying" and "Rainbow Bridge", hits the stage to perform.

    Other diverse programs will also be available in the indoor and outdoor spaces near the concert venue. Notably, the 1st SKY EXPO will serve as a platform for exchanging culture and information on the themes of aviation and the airport industry.

    SMEs developing innovative technologies related to the 4th industrial revolution, such as drones, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR); startup companies selected by Incheon Airport through its Travel Startup Nurturing Program; and social enterprises selected by the Incheon Airport Value Travel program will exhibit and promote their products at the exhibition hall. Through this SKY EXPO, the airport plans to provide participating companies with an opportunity to showcase excellent technological prowess and products, while expanding sales channels.

    Also, there will be additional programs in the vicinity of the main concert venue, such as: Umma Kkumteul Market, a flea market to support career-interrupted women to unleash their talents and achieve their dreams; a Food Zone with the Korea Federation of Micro Enterprises in Incheon; and Sky Busking presented by the teams that won prizes from an Incheon Airport project to support performance art of young artists, will make the festival even richer, satisfying the five senses with performances, experiences, exhibitions, foods and attractions. Participation of SMEs, startups, social enterprises, micro-enterprises in Incheon, career-interrupted women and young artists in Incheon the 2019 Incheon Airport Sky Festival will lay the ground for further growth.

    In the meantime, marking the 20th anniversary, Incheon International Airport Corporation will host the Sky Upcycling Festival to raise public awareness about the importance of material upcycling (a newly coined term combining the words "upgrade" and "recycling," a recycling process of transforming waste materials into new products with new designs and functions), while promoting eco-friendly management practices of the airport. Applicants in this competition need to submit their applications by the 23rd of August. Selected applicants will make and submit their aviation or airport-themed products with waste materials they bought at the workshop of the Sky Festival on the 31st of August, the first day of the festival. Eventually 20 pieces will be selected and awarded with prize money totaling 10 million KRW.

    The experience program for children, SKY FUN FUN, will produce enjoyable and memorable experiences for children, offering a variety of programs, such as flight simulators, a BMW model car making class, and a drone claw machine.

    CEO Bon-Hwan KOO of the Incheon International Airport Corporation said, "Incheon Airport, which is well known as a cultural airport, will make unforgettable memories for Korean and foreign visitors through the Sky Festival, one of the most popular outdoor cultural festivals in Korea." He also expressed his wishes saying, "while enjoying the festival filled with wonderful performances and diverse events, members of the airport, local citizens and Korean and foreign travelers visiting Incheon Airport will be refreshed with revitalizing energy." The CEO further elaborated, "marking the 20th anniversary, the Incheon International Airport Corporation aims to foster love between the company and the public and take the lead in spreading social value by strengthening harmonious cooperation with SMEs and setting up a platform for mutual growth through the Sky Festival."

    Admission to all concerts and events is free of charge, and tickets can be booked in advance on a first come first serve basis via the official webpage ( On the second day, there will be a lottery drawing as a closing event during the classical music concert. The lottery prize, which is a Spark subcompact car, will add excitement for the participants. Moreover, an LG Puricare air purifier will be presented as a gift to the lucky winners among daily SKY EXPO visitors at 5:00 pm each day. If you have any inquiries related to specifics and tickets for the festival, visit the official webpage or contact the festival secretariat (032-741-3507∼8).

    During the festival, the Incheon International Airport Corporation will operate a free parking lot (2,000 available spaces) near the venue for the convenient transportation of visitors. Free shuttle buses stop on the third floor of the passenger terminal (at the bus stops in front of gate 3 and 12). Also, visitors may take the free Incheon International Airport Maglev at the Incheon International Airport Station on the second floor of the Transportation Center and get off at Paradise City Station to get to the venue. The Incheon International Airport Corporation recommends the use of public transportation during the festival as a limited number of parking spaces are available.

    Attachment: One copy of the promotional poster for the Sky Festival.
    Incheon International Airport SKY FESTIVAL team

    Source: Incheon International Airport