How Can a Small Business Sell Overseas
Aug 10, 2018

With the economy in such a volatile position, selling something in your own country can be as hard as selling anywhere else. For that reason, many companies both big and small, choose to branch out their sales to include other countries. It gives you a much wider group of potential customers, and it can also give you access to more varied suppliers. As a small business, how can you take advantage of the global market?

Use Your Existing Website

One way that you can quickly and easily start to sell products overseas is via your website. A website had the advantage of being able to reach anywhere in the world on the internet. It means that people in other countries can see your products and buy them. There are a few things that you will need to do to make your website available to other countries and customers. One thing is to add payment systems that are available in all countries, this can be a good idea even for customers in your own country, but it is especially good for international transactions. You could also add international shipping to your website so that you can send your products around the globe easily.

Sell on an International Marketplace

Some small businesses use international marketplaces like eBay to sell their products for them. It can negate the need for having to do things through your own website, but there can also be limitations. For example, some require you to register as a business in the other country first before you can start selling. There is also the cost to place your products on those sites. There are many such marketplaces on the internet, so you might find one that meets your business needs.

Partner with Another Company

If you know about a company in another country that sells similar products to you or ones that can complement yours, then you might be able to strike an agreement. You can arrange to sell each other’s products in your own country which can dramatically cut costs. You might even want to employ someone in the other company to help liaise with them and vice versa. You can use software such as a paystub generator to help organize the overseas payments to make it easier.

Set Up a Franchise

For some companies, they find the best way to expand their business is to sell a franchise. A franchise is where you provide the idea and the set-up, and a business owner buys it from you and starts selling under your company name. Many large corporations use this idea to keep costs to a minimum as they don’t have to fund the workers or the property. However, it is important that you ensure your company name is being used in the right way. Your customers won’t always know it’s a franchise, so any problems will reflect on your brand.

These are just a few of the ways that your small business can start to sell on the global markets.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash