Household electricity-driven city cars amaze visitors at SETA 2017
Mar 10, 2017

Newly developed electric vehicles claimed to help reduce pollution and be more environmentally friendly

BANGKOK --(ASIA TODAY)-- SETA 2017, the second edition of Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia, started [yesterday] with a bang, thanks to the combined effort of Ministry of Energy and Chulalongkorn University, in collaboration with Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transport and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. This year’s event focuses on the theme, Towards a Low-Carbon Society, and covers four significant topics, including energy policy making and planning, low-carbon power generation technology, energy for low-carbon transportation and smart city and green industry. Together, these aim to continuously encourage and develop sources of knowledge concerning energy and related technology.

Featured trends for this year include hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) technologies. There are two main sections: conference and exhibition, with more than 200 international leading companies exhibiting their latest technology and innovations, along with more than 10 conference sessions and business matching.

Highlights of SETA 2017 that draws a lot of attention from the day one include the booth exhibiting electric vehicles that help reduce energy consumption due to its advanced specifications that allow for the use of clean energy and environmentally friendly mechanisms. For example, Thailand’s first electric car comes with compact designs like city cars. Capitalizing on compact cars of this type, which has become very popular abroad, such buses, passenger cars, motorcycles and tuk tuk. These are created by a group of automotive industry experts and designers who considered it is the right time to launch clean-energy technology, and as a result, they believe electric cars can be the most suitable alternative for less energy consumption. This also adds a new dimension to the management of electric car manufacturing. That’s means there is no need to own an automotive production facility. Simply design a car as you like and find a reliable assembly plant, get things done and then you start commercializing your electric vehicles.

A great advantage of an electric car is that it does not need petrol or diesel. As a battery-powered vehicle, convenient charging can be done at home with the use domestic power supply certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). To recharge the car’s batteries, which are located at front and rear of the car with computerized control, simply plug right into a standard household outlet. It takes 6 hours to be fully charged, and typically travel 180 kilometers on a single charge. On average a typical battery, EV will cost only 0.5 Thai baht per kilometer, which is ideal for travelling in urban areas because it has no exhaust pipe and this means no pollution. Importantly, EV units can now be registered with the Department of Land Transport since they have engine power lower than 15 kilowatts as required by law.

EVs don't run out of charge unexpectedly. The dashboard display will indicate the level of charge and travel distance so you can plan your trips accordingly. In addition, there are representatives and service centers available to provide assistance when you want to charge or when you are in public places. Battery life extends about 5-10 years, with a capacity of up to 80% in the first five years and this will be gradually reduced within 10 years. It is currently priced 350,000 baht. However, price will be reduced about 20% in the next five years. The EV maker projects to sell 100 cars per year at first and many more in upcoming years.

It’s a great opportunity to keep yourself updated on energy trends for today and tomorrow, and explore the world of energy innovations at SETA 2017. This international energy event runs until 10 March 2017, 9.00am – 5.30pm, at Hall 103-104 of BITEC Bangna. For more information, visit www.SETA.Asia.

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